Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Right Around the Clock

The past few weeks have been very refreshing and enlightening where this boycott is concerned. For one, there are still people out there who have no clue that Kimora Lee Simmons was so rudely dismissed from Baby Phat/Phat Fashions and two, we are reaching them. As I've stated here before, the reaction is always one of disgust and outrage.

I had a very interesting conversation via Twitter with a young lady yesterday who freely admitted that she was a size 16. When I revealed to her that Kimora was allegedly dismissed from Baby Phat in part due to her alleged size 10 figure (a woman who's had 3 children mind you), she immediately began swearing and declared that she wouldn't buy any additional Baby Phat items. She declared her continuing support for Kimora and told me how grateful she was that I'd told her the news. This didn't have to be this way. It shouldn't be this way.

Reactions like that are the reason why those lilly-livered cowards at Kellwood Company declined to make a formal statement or send Kimora off with dignity and class. They knew the customer base would be pissed. What they don't know is, or at least they don't seem to want to face, when the women of this nation as a whole find out? It's a wrap. All of those brands are going to crumble apart. Do dirt, get dirt. I told your asses that I wouldn't stop if it took me a year to make sure that everyone knew about this. I mean that.

See how that visit number keeps going up? Those are unique visitors. Let's say for instance that each of those people only tells two people and those two people tell two people and on and on and on. You get the drift...I'm on you, Kellwood. Right around the fugging clock. Even when I wake up at night, insomniac that I am, I check twitter to see if some other poor unsuspecting soul has sent Kimora some "Oh, how I love Baby Phat", tweet and immediately I let them know the deal. They always react the same. Fugg Kellwood. This will continue. You don't treat people like this. We will see to it that you don't get away with it. No respect? No dollars. I know you mad, but so what? --Sugar