Friday, October 28, 2011

Is Baby Phat Selling Wet Concrete?

These idiots can't seem to figure out what direction they want to take this company.  It's quite obvious that they don't want to be bothered with customers of color, as they've been slowly phasing out the clearly African American models in ads for months. But, now it seems that they're having a slight change of heart, adding some models of color back to the site.  In time for the holiday season? I'd say yes. I'd also say, get out of here with the bullshit.  We are not stupid!

What is it going to take for you fools to realize that you can't keep toying around with us?  And, what's with that "new" tagline? "From Runway to Pavement" PAVEMENT?! Of all of the words in the English language, you idiots chose Pavement in an attempt to inspire a desire for fashion? That sounds like the tagline for a concrete pouring company! You are just ruining a brand that it took over a decade of heart and soul to build and it disgusts me.  Not to mention, it's very reminiscent of Dereon's first tagline, "Where the Sidewalk and Catwalk Meet". That didn't go over well either. Maybe that's why you damn near need the Hubble Telescope (Go look at it! It's tiny!) to read the tagline on your site. Because, you know that it sucks.

And, this! At the foot of the screen on the Baby Phat website:
Sparkle and sizzle is what Baby Phat is all about. Whether you are a size 4 or a plus size, Baby Phat offers you a lifestyle collection that features everything today's metropolitan women dresses and blouses, bold pairs of sling back pumps and boots, designer women's jeans (including skinny jeans, low rise jeans, and jeggings), sleek accessories, stylish designer handbags and satchels. And with Baby Phat Kidz, mom can share her passion for fashion with her little princess or rock star in the making.
Sparkle and sizzle?! I could be ABsolutely wrong, but I don't believe this was there when Kimora was still heading up the brand. It is horrible. Terrible in fact.  The grammar, the punctuation, the wording, just all of it. Terrible!  This is what you think we deserve, Kellwood?!

Dear reader, please join the rest of us in a TOTAL boycott of all Baby Phat apparell. Kimora still owns the fragrances, so shop to your heart's content.  But, do not buy those other items.  Kellwood Company has no respect for us and we need to show them how we feel about it with our dollars. We don't have to take this bullshit from them and we can join together to bring them down.  It's the only way we will.  Check out Kanye and Jay Z's "Murder to Excellence" below for some inspiration.  Enough of this poor treatment we receive from these companies.....  --Sugar

Baby Phat: Death By 1,000 Cuts

This week, Kimora Lee Simmons landed in New York City and quickly reminded city-goers that she is much more than just a pretty face.  She paid a visit to New York's WPIX to talk about her latest initiative with Bounty--this time giving teachers recognition for all of their hard work. She stopped by CNN's Headline News to give some perspective on current Hollywood hot topics.  She made an appearance on BET's 106 & Park to talk about her new role as President and Creative Director of, AND she gave an awesome talk about what it takes to be a successful woman in business at an event sponsored by Verizon.  Total domination and I love it!

While she's crisscrossing the country, and the globe, making some serious moves, the name Kimora Lee Simmons keeps popping up everywhere. Meanwhile, Baby Phat is slipping further and further into obscurity.  They are mocked now for having separated from Kimora and the rapidly degrading quality is pissing customers off, creating even further disgust and brand abandon.  It's great!  I sent them a tweet this morning, "Death by a 1,000 cuts..." because that's what's happening.  It's more enjoyable to watch too because you just know they are suffering--fully aware that the end is nigh--trying one dumb gimmick after another!  Fools!  I wanted Baby Phat to crash and burn the week after Kimora announced the separation, but that was just my hot-headed response to how they'd treated her and the customer base.  There are people who are STILL only just finding out that Kimora isn't there anymore, because she works like a damn machine and she'd put her mark on every corner of this globe.  So, it was never possible for them to crash and burn right away.'s coming. A 1,000 cuts.

Check out a clip from Kimora's appearance at 106 & Park (below) and then head over to to see more clips and see what else she's up to! Remember, do not buy any Baby Phat clothing!  The Baby Phat fragrances still belong to Kimora, so happy shopping, but don't buy those damn clothes!  And, tell your friends!  The holiday season is upon us.  Just say NO to Baby Phat! --Sugar