Thursday, January 31, 2013

House of Fab: Our Shoes Are the Sh*t!

From: Style Network

On last night’s episode of Kimora: House of Fab, Kimora and the crew showed just how much work goes into making it all happen.  Kimora was preparing for an OK! Magazine shoot and the staff was tasked with making a video with the expectation that they’d be able to make it go viral on the internet.  They were split up into teams then sent on their way to see what they could make happen.  Hilarity ensued.

Johnny is, by far, the stand-out character on the show -- besides Kimora, of course.  He’s funny, bold and colorful, a recipe for reality television success.  I love the way the show gives viewers a look at how much thought goes into every single aspect of the business.  I think it’s important for the public to see that, because it doesn’t all just magically come together.  I think it’s also important to realize that we are most likely only seeing even a small portion of what it really takes!  This is business, and businesses are in business to make money.  So, they can’t just throw caution to the wind and let the chips fall where they may.  Everything from color schemes to material to lighting, angles…all of it…matters.