Monday, April 16, 2012

Toronto's Kiss 92.5 Mentions Boycott Baby Phat

I had only just opened my eyes 10 minutes before when I remembered I saw a tweet last night or earlier that said Kimora Lee Simmons was going to be on Toronto's Kiss 92.5 this morning.  I missed most of the hits when she was on Canada's Shopping Channel talking Shinto Clinical over the weekend, so I wanted to make sure I heard the radio hit. I also wondered whether it was recorded.  Anyway, I checked her mentions and Kiss 92.5 sent a tweet saying she'd be on before 8am.  I clicked the link and she was already on!

She was talking about her children and they were asking her questions about Shinto Clinical when it became clear that the interview was nearly over. I thought to myself, "Damn. I missed most of it."  Then, the guy says, "One more question, Kimora.  Have you seen the website where some of your fans are starting a movement to have people boycott Baby Phat?"  My ears shot straight up!  Kimora responded, "What is that? Is that still a company?"  My day is only just starting, but there was my moment of Zen already. Ha! 

If you're reading this post, that means you need to spend a few minutes reading the rest of this stuff and making the decision with the rest of us to stop buying Baby Phat!  It's crap now and the company who owns it doesn't have respect for customers of any color.  Spend your dollars elsewhere!  Including these options: Shinto Clinical by Kimora Lee Simmons (main site), Shinto Clinical on Canada's Shopping Channel, Shinto Clinical on QVC's website and Just Fabulous, where she's President and Creative Director.  And, stop by her main website, often to see what she's up to there!

And, to answer the radio host's question to Kimora, of course she hasn't. --Sugar