Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kimora Talks Fashion of the Future

I was just about to start watching season two of Entourage (shuddup!) when I decided I'd better do a quick search to make sure I hadn't missed anything that needed to go up here today.  The failure to post the information about Michael Kramer's departure from Kellwood Company until over two weeks after he'd crawled away is haunting me.  The jerks don't deserve a second of a break. I wanna ride those arses like a Thorouhbred!

Anyway, I checked the Facebook page for this site, then clicked the link to Kimora's Facebook page to make sure she hadn't posted something there that I need to post here when I saw a comment that piqued my interest.  A guy named Patrick McHale wrote: "Just Fabulous Inc. and you featured on front page of LA Times Business section...all this, while at the beach!" I knew it was going to be good, so I headed on over to the L.A. Times website and found this article, Online Shoe Clubs are in Step With Fashion Forward Women. I'm guessing the picture that McHale mentioned was in the print edition, because the picture above is from a previous shoot. But, that's a small matter.  Let's get to it.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kellwood's Top Rat Jumps Ship

Former Kellwood Company CEO, Michael Kramer
A couple weeks ago when I read a few articles talking about Baby Phat's licensor filing for bankruptcy protection, I should've taken a moment to see how things are going at Kellwood Company, owners of the Baby Phat brand since 2004.  It's a mess.

Michael Kramer (that's him with Satan's overbite in the picture above), the most recent chief executive officer at Kellwood, recently departed, like two weeks ago, to take the chief operating officer position at J.C. Penney Company.  He's also now on the board at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  No biggie, right? Wrong.  Kramer told Kavita Kumar at the St. Louis Post Dispatch this back in November when she asked him about the rumors that he was leaving Kellwood:
"But if I were to leave Kellwood, I'm not running from anything because this is a phenomenal company," he said. "There's a lot of good things going on here."
Sure, and that's why just over a year after acquiring "upscale contemporary sportswear line" Adam, Kellwood is now dropping it...right?  Because things are going so well?  Yeah, right.  This is what Kramer, the new COO at J.C. Penney Company, told Kumar right after the August, 2010 acquisition:
"Adam is the first one we've nailed. Hopefully, this is the first of many to come."
Maybe he meant nailing a coffin, because the party is over.  And, I do mean party:
After all, for most of its history, the Town and Country-based apparel company has been more accustomed to making private-label clothes for Walmart and moderate-priced brands such as Sag Harbor and Koret.
And yet, last month, there was Michael Kramer, Kellwood's fast-moving and acquisition-hungry chief executive, sitting in the front row at Lincoln Center as models showcasing the designs of two of his most recently purchased brands - Adam and Rebecca Taylor - strutted on the catwalk. [From: STL Dispatch, March, 2011]
Kramer, the "acquisition-hungry chief executive" was poppin bottles with models. Oh yes, he was living it up at Fashion Week.  Now, he's jumped ship because he knows the whole damn thing is about to sink.  I mean, seriously.  Why would he leave a perfectly good chief executive officer post at a company that has "a lot of good things going on" to be somebody's COO?  There's nothing wrong with a COO post, without a doubt, but it's like a demotion for him....unless, it isn't..........

These idiots.  Now, I'm going to have to keep a close eye on Kellwood Company and not just those things related to Baby Phat, because I suspect that some big changes are about to occur.  And, notice the way Kumar (at the STL Post Dispatch) rarely mentions Baby Phat in any of those articles?  It's just a matter of time.  --Sugar

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Walmart Doesn't Even Want Baby Phat

I swear, you can't make this stuff up. I was reading an article about Baby Phat's licensor, (NOT Kimora Lee Simmons) BP Clothing, having to file for bankruptcy protection when I happened upon these sentences:
According to court papers, the company has been battling a cash-flow problem that hampered its ability to finance its Baby Phat production. Subsequently, BP Clothing early this year lost its license to sell Baby Phat clothing to Wal-Mart.
When not even Walmart wants you, just give up.  Just give UP!!! The only place left to go is the Slauson Swap Meet and absolutely, you can do that, but I don't think that Erin accepted a job with you morons to promote sales at a swap meet.  The article goes on:
According to court papers, “The debtor seeks to efficiently reduce the substantial debt burden that hinders its ability to effectively compete in a competitive market that has been challenged by overall economic conditions. A successful restructuring will allow the debtor to concentrate its resources on generating revenue and expanding market share.”
Without a doubt, the economy is taking a beating and I'm sure sales in many sectors are down, but the economy is not the reason why Baby Phat is suffering.  Hell, you can buy about 10 Baby Phat shirts for a $1 in Walmart! Okay, that's not true, but it sounds funny.  But, seriously, Baby Phat is not as expensive in Walmart as it once was in say Macy's Herald Square 5 years ago.  It's very affordable and when you can't sell a brand with such iconic appeal in WALmart, Houston, we have a problem!

The reason why sales are down is because karma is ripping you jagoffs a new one.  You so poorly handled your separation with Kimora, I'm guessing under the assumption that she really wasn't as integral a part of that brand as I'm sure you now know she is.  You can't just handle things in such a disrespectful manner and expect for the universe to repay you with wheelbarrows full of filthy stinkin lucre.  It ain't happnin.

I told you fools months ago to fix this and I know you've been reading because I can see you in the stats. From the very moment you so foolishly dismissed Kimora and members of her team without so much as a press release, you had a short window to make it right. Apologize to supporters, give Kimora and her team a proper sendoff and reintroduce yourselves to the urban community and indeed the world.  But, no. You decided to take the less sensible path and now here we are.

I know how these things go.  The suits had probably been giving Kimora and her team hell for months and months on end, pushing them to play ball your way.  But, why?  When she and Russell sold that company to you, that should not have given you the foolish idea that you could do it better, but rather that financially you were willing to take things to a different level. You should have kept your grubby hands off the creative side of things, because as you must now realize, that is not your expertise.  Fools.  Kimora had built that brand into a behemoth, with supporters spanning the globe!  Many of them still don't even know she isn't there any longer!  Oh, but they are finding out--one at a time--and they are not happy about it. This is why you are in freefall right now.  Fools.

It is only a matter of time before Baby Phat, will be no more.  I'm sure that Kimora will consider it a very bittersweet moment.  She didn't put all of her heart and soul into the brand only to have it crumble in such a manner.  And, I'm sure that while she will feel a bit of satisfaction and "I told you so" deep down inside when it happens, she will mourn for the good times that she and her team had while building that brand and honing her business acumen.  I think that we all will.......But, until then? We don't need no water, let the muthaf*cka burn! --Sugar

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby Phat Limps Along on Crutches

Picture sent to Kimora by @ToppDogg1201 on Twitter.

I was going to search for a picture of some crutches, but I think this picture sent to Kimora by @ToppDogg1201 sorta just kinda punches those bastards in the gut a little bit harder.  Lord knows they've been doing more poaching, scheming and lying than the law allows to keep Baby Phat afloat!  Need to call it Copy Cat instead of Baby Phat because they can't seem to give Kimora Lee Simmons a rest!  Didn't want her there any longer, but can't manage to keep traffic flowing to that website without buying her name as a keyword.

I've had a very busy day, but I took a little stroll across my timeline every now and again (addict) to make sure everything was okay out there.  Imagine my shock when I received a tweet with a link to an article that said this, Baby Phat Licensor Files for Bankruptcy.  I was nearly speechless.  I'm too exhausted to break the article down proper like right now, but this weekend, let's give it a whirl why don't we? 

Read the article, very, very carefully.  Read it once.  Read it twice.  Read it a third time if you need to in order to get the gist of what's being stated between the lines, because there's some funny style business even in the information that's being released about this bankruptcy.  It's not Kellwood Company announcing that the Baby Phat brand is now defunct, but it's close.  Thisclose.  It's only a matter of time. --Sugar

Monday, December 12, 2011

HOT Kimora Covers Harper's Singapore!

Kimora Lee Simmons has done what I'm sure many, many individuals didn't think possible (hint hint >>> these idiots) at this stage of the game.  She has reinvented herself in a way that only she could manage, proving that anyone foolish enough to count her out does so at their own peril.  Feast your eyes on the January 2012 cover of Harper's Bazaar Singapore above!  This is the way to get a new year started! Keep a close watch on her website, where she'll most likely post the article when it's sent to her.  She was the cover for the December 2011 edition of Harper's Malaysia and now this!  Baby who?  --Sugar

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kimora is Team Nook

Okay, it's a commercial. I'm not sure if she uses a Nook on a regular basis, but she could have told Barnes and Noble no if she didn't think it was a good product.  @KLSH_Fanclub (on Twitter) sent some tweets Saturday mentioning that Kimora Lee Simmons was in a new Nook television commercial.  I thought, "Great!" because I've owned a Nook since last year and I love it. I don't think that Barnes and Noble has done enough to fight back and promote it the way Amazon has been pushing the Kindle.  Yes, I think about these things.  I work in communications. It's a habit, okay?

Anyway, I was ecstatic to see Glee's Jane Lynch in a new commercial touting the Nook a couple weeks ago and now Kimora's added celebrity support is even better. I tend to do things a little differently than most.  When the digital music craze started sweeping the nation, we were all told that we had to have an iPod.  Right away, I knew I had to see what else was out there because when "they" tell you that one product is the best of them all, there's probably something just as good or even better.  So, I did some research and just as I thought, Microsoft's Zune was a solid machine with just as many options as the iPod, but with one piece de resistance that made it clearly the better choice: the Zune Pass.  To date, I've owned two Zunes and the main reason I bought the second was to upgrade to the HD version.  I love it.  Microsoft has announced that they don't intend to manufacture them anymore (suffocated by the iPod I'm sure) and that makes me sad, but the Zune Pass platform will still be available in Windows phones, XBOX and PCs. 

So, on to the point of this post. Kimora's Nook commercial.  The very first book I bought for my Nook was Kimora's Fabulosity: What it is and How to Get It.  Hopefully, her next book will be a Nook book as well. Check out the commercial below.  --Sugar

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kimora SLAYS on Harper's Malaysia Cover

It's been killing me to have to wait to post this, but I was checking something out and I wanted to get an accurate gauge.  If you haven't seen this by now, what rock have you been under?!  Kimora Lee Simmons's Harper's Bazaar Malaysia cover came out a week or so ago and it's gorgeous. The spreads are even more fantastic.  Check out the full spread and article at Kimora's site and brace yourself for the Harper's Singapore cover which should be out within the next couple weeks or so.  It should be hot!  Of all of the stupid decisions any company could have made in the past couple years, I think it's safe to say that Kellwood Company wins the gold medal for parting ways with Kimora. She's one of only a handful of Americans who have graced the cover of Harper's Malaysia in the past year, including Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cindy Crawford. Baby who?

Oh, and please don't be out here buying Baby Phat for your family and friends this holiday season.  I saw a little baby today with one of those coats on. Terrible. --Sugar

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why You HAVE to Boycott Baby Phat

The holidays are here and no doubt, you've either seen some Baby Phat gear that you like, your kids have seen some Baby Phat gear that they like, or just out of habit, you are planning to pick some up as gifts or to give your own wardrobe a little pick me up.  Don't do it.

First, Kimora Lee Simmons isn't there anymore.  I bet you didn't even know that.  She left August, 2010 and it wasn't something that she wanted.  The company that owns Baby Phat, Kellwood Company, pulled one of the nastiest tricks I ever recall in the world of fashion.  Read this to get some background.

To deny that most people have purchased Baby Phat over the years in direct response to just how hot Kimora Lee Simmons made it look, seem or feel--the energy she put into making us all feel like superstars when wearing it--even little girls, is just wrong.  You know that's why we all grew so fond of it in the first place.  She helped make us feel like we could take on the world, so long as we were wearing some hot jeans and a cute top...with stilettos.

So, to have Kellwood Company essentially just boot her out the door, not make any announcement to us and continue to push the brand as though she is there, using little girls that look like her own in the ads to try to trick us, is unacceptable.  It stinks of racism. We deserve more than that, she deserves more than that and her team, the supportive force behind her all these years, deserves more than that. We deserve respect.  You think that if the Creative Director behind one of these brands purchased predominately by our white friends was replaced, the owners wouldn't make an announcement to those buyers? Hell yes they would! So, why didn't we deserve the same? 

Don't buy it anymore.  Follow her on Twitter @OfficialKimora and check her website, often for updates on what she's up to.  She was recently named President and Creative Director Just Fabulous, an awesome power move, so check them out and support her there.  I know that Baby Phat has held a special place in your heart all these years, but dear reader, it's time that we moved on to bigger and better things.  That we move on into a new present and even better future with Kimora--afterall, she helped make us feel so great in the past.  --Sugar

ALSO: We're trying to convince Madame Tussauds NYC to add a Kimora Lee Simmons figure there! So, head on over there and add your name to that petition!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Kimora Covers Harper's Malaysia!

Just over two weeks ago, I mentioned that Kimora Lee Simmons was doing cover shoots for both Harper's Bazaar Malaysia and Harper's Singapore. The Malaysian edition is hot off the presses and it is smoking.  She was sent the picture above via Twitter a short while ago by @MisDeeds.  Check back here and for updates.  I'm guessing Kimora will post the article, or a link to the article, when she gets it.  --Sugar

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Madame Tussauds Petition!

We had to make a  few tweaks to the original petition to have Kimora Lee Simmons added to the collection at Madame Tussauds NYC.  The premise is still the same.  She should be represented there.  So, check the petition out here and let's make this happen!  See you at the unveiling! : ) --Sugar

Monday, November 21, 2011

Just Stop It

I had originally decided to post this without any commentary, but I think I will say something.  Hell, it's my blog.  Last night, I started seeing tweets that said that garbage site had something that Kimora needed to check out.  When I went there, it had a post suggesting that Kimora and Djimon were separating.  My heart sank, but that site isn't exactly known for being accurate, so I decided I'd wait to see if Kimora had anything to say about it.

Sunday night, she sent several tweets that said the claims are not true and unless she says otherwise, that's what it is. So, stop gossiping and hoping that someone is going through a difficult time.  It's not going to make you any less broke or ugly. --Sugar

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Petition to Have Kimora Immortalized in Wax!

Madame Tussauds wax museum is known the world over for giving some of the most influential celebrities, politicians and other historical figures wax.  The amazingly life-like sculptures have wowed visitors in London (the flagship location), Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Berlin, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Shanghai, Sydney, Washington, D.C. and New York City.  Tussauds landed in Times Square in 2000, shortly after receiving rave reviews for the first U.S. location in Las Vegas.

Imagine my shock when Kimora confirmed this morning that she does not have a figure in the Times Square location!  In 2000, Kimora Lee Simmons would have been about 24, 25 years old when Tussauds opened there.  She was already kicking down doors in the fashion world with the Baby Phat brand and at such a young age, she should have been a sure thing to have been added to the collection! 

She produced the first live broadcast of a fashion show down in Times Square and there probably isn't a soul alive in N.Y.C. who doesn't know who Kimora Lee Simmons is or that she is synonymous with business, power, philanthropy and popular culture in that city.  She's now the President and Creative Director of Just Fabulous and at only 36 years old, is ever-expanding her business might.  So, here's hoping that finally, 11 years later, Madame Tussauds will make this right.

One of Kimora's young followers on Twitter, @Lile_Fab, started a Twitition, after another, @LUV_U_KLS_ suggested she should be added, to convince Tussauds NYC (@NYCWax on Twitter) to add the Queen of Fabulosity to its collection. Sign it and spread the word!  This should be a no-brainer Tussauds! The unveiling of her sculpture will be out of this world! --Sugar

Kimora Lee Simmons Gives Away Shoes!

Kimora Lee Simmons, the still fresh and new President and Creative Director of Just Fabulous, gave away dozens of pairs of shoes this week. Check it out:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NO Baby Phat This Christmas!

Kellwood Company thugs visit Boycott Baby Phat 11/15/2011
(Click to enlarge.)

As you make your holiday shopping lists I hope you will remember to leave the Baby Phat clothing items on the racks and shelves and in the bargain bins.  Don't buy any of it.  I don't care how tempting or inexpensive it may be.  Kimora Lee Simmons created a brand that burned itself into the hearts and minds of women and girls the world over, but she's not at Baby Phat anymore, the company is now being run by clueless idiots and the quality is not anywhere near as reliable as it once was.  And, to repeat yet again, we all deserved--customers, Kimora and her staff--a more respectful transition where Baby Phat is concerned. 

All these months later, they are scheming and plotting trying to keep up the ruse--that Kimora is still there. They seem to think that customers are so stupid, we'll just go along with the program as they shoo models of color out the door, start using cut-rate materials to produce the line and snoop around this little blog as if they don't have enough work to do on a daily basis.  Customers know that something is wrong...different...and one by one I'm gonna tell them. 
Kimora is now President and Creative Director of Just Fabulous, her new skincare line, Shinto Clinical, will be available for sale soon and she's shoring up her KLS clothing line.  Some months ago, on her hit reality show on the Style Network, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, she announced that she and her girls Ming and Aoki were working on a clothing line for kids which will be called Miyoki.  I'm not sure where it is in the development stage, but Kimora doesn't release anything that is not up to par, so count on that line to be a top contender.  I'll keep you posted here and you should be sure to check in at often for updates.

This is all such a mess and over a year later, I'm still disgusted about it.  You, dear reader (not you Kellwood minion), should be too.  There are not that many women of color making a mark in the fashion world and Kellwood Company and Sun Capital severed ties with this one without a second thought.  Now, they are trying to morph the brand into something completely different (i.e. not urban...i.e. not appealing to people of color) and it's just not going to work.  We aren't going to allow it work.

I know that you thought that by now I would have given up on this boycott.  You are fools to have thought such a thing and I'm sure you notice that more and more people, from all over the globe, are coming here and finding out what you did.  This will continue.  No respect? No dollars.  --Sugar

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Everyone is Born Fabulous

Kimora stops for this photo during an event in Kuala Lumpur.

One of my Twitter friends sent me a Direct Message yesterday that had a link to an article from The Philippine Star about Kimora Lee Simmons's recent visit to Malaysia.  In the article, Kimora chats with the writer about what she thinks it means to be "fabulous".  I think everyone should read it.  I was out shopping with my mother, so I had to read it on my phone, which I don't really like to do, but I was glad that I'd had the chance to see it at all.  Check out a snippet below:
“Being fabulous means it comes from the inside. Yes, we wear makeup, we do our hair, we put on our clothes or we do our nails. Still, it comes from the inside because we can put a lot of makeup but if you’re sick, you’re sick. If you’re sad, you’re sad. A makeup can make you look little better or getting our nails done kinda make you relax but these are outside things, it should really come from the inside.”
Read the whole article here and remember, we aren't buying any Baby Phat apparel anymore!  Kimora sent a tweet yesterday stating that she'd received some Shinto Clinical, her soon to be released line of skincare products, Just Fabulous appears to be taking off like a rocket ship since she became President and Creative Director and she's cooking up some other goodies that I'm sure will be awesome.  So, there's no need to buy Baby Phat if you've been doing it, in part, in support of Kimora.  There's a little surprise at the end of the Philippine Star article, so be sure to read the whole thing! --Sugar  

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Harper's, Singapore, Malaysia, Kimora

Kimora Lee Simmons and Harper's Bazaar go together like a nice, juicy NY Strip steak and some grilled asparagus with a little caesar salad and some chocolate lava cake with...okay, you get my drift. It works, and the Queen of Fabulosity is about to do it all over again! The photo above is from a shoot she and husband Djimon Hounsou did for a 2008 edition of the magazine.  Smokin, right?!

This morning, she sent this tweet:

I'm sure they will be hot, hot, hot!!!  Stay tuned here and to her website, for updates. Remember, no Baby Phat!!! --Sugar

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kimora Prepares to Dazzle Taiwan!

Picture posted to Kimora Lee Simmons's Twitter feed Tuesday morning.

First, it was Hong Kong, then Malaysia, now Taiwan. I'd say this is a KLS Asian Domination Tour indeed!  A nice reintroduction of the Queen of Fabulosity to the masses out East, post Baby Phat--because let me repeat, Kimora Lee Simmons is no longer heading up Baby Phat, in any capacity, and we are boycotting them now.  Read the "Why Boycott Baby Phat" post in the right sidebar to see why.

I'm not sure about the itinerary during this stop in Taiwan, but I'll be keeping a close eye on and Kimora's Twitter page, @OfficialKimora for details.  --Sugar

Monday, November 7, 2011

Malaysia Loves Kimora Lee Simmons!

Anxious Malaysian supporters gather around Kimora Lee Simmons.

There's far too much good stuff at for me to rattle on and on here, so I won't. Kimora Lee Simmons spent a few days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this past week and by all accounts, the visit was a smashing success as she works to expand her business empire.  The picture above is from one of the many stops Kimora made around the city and I think it's one of my favorites from the trip.  The black and white effect is a nice touch.

Anyway, head over to and check out all of the great posts she has up about the trip and leave her some comments!  It's great to see her continuing on with her global domination itinerary (you know she has one) despite the fact that these weasels are apparently still buying her name as a keyword to drive people to that wretched site, which she has nothing to do with anymore. 

Remember, do not buy any clothing items from Baby Phat, especially this holiday season.  And, tell your friends!  Causes bile to rise up in my throat when I see someone sashaying about in that crap. --Sugar

Friday, November 4, 2011

Kimora Invites 500 Malaysians to Party!

Kimora with supporter @laineyx (on Twitter) in Malaysia.

The KLS Asian Domination Tour (Okay, they aren't calling it that, but it rocks a little bit, right?) is making some serious waves in the East! Kimora swooped down into Hong Kong and took care of some business.  Now, she's in Malaysia doing the same.  But, supporters in the country are going wild about the fact that she's in their midst, so she decided to host a special event just to meet and greet them and say thank you.  I think that's fantastic!

So, here's the skinny (from Kimora on Twitter). Click the image to enlarge if you need to.:

My Malaysian peeps, I know you are nestled in your little beds right now, visions of what it will be like to meet the Queen of Fabulosity tomorrow.  Start thinking now about what you will wear and what you might say to her when you meet!  Tell your friends, especially those who are not on Twitter, to follow Kimora there and to come out and enjoy the fun! Oh, and I think the name of the location is Club Rootz, so just search that when you're looking for directions.  There's a little typo in the tweet.  The world will still rotate. Breathe.  Search.  Have fun!

Remember, we do not support Baby Phat anymore, okay? Let me know if you have questions! --Sugar

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kimora to Meet Malaysian Fabs!

You've been waiting for it and here it is! Check out the Twitlonger (click image to enlarge) from Kimora below and get TO it! Be creative and tell your friends! --Sugar

Join Us on Facebook!

I'm no big fan of Facebook, but there are far too many people using that service for my continued quest to ignore it.  So, we've taken this boycott to the people! Like us on Facebook at and join in the discussion. It's important that we let the world know what Kellwood Company did here. 

Yesterday, a woman said to me on Twitter, "Kellwood kills urban brands". It made me angry.  It's time everyone get angry. --Sugar

Kimora Prepares to Take Malaysia By Storm!

Chinese women hold copies of Kimora Lee Simmons's book Fabulosity.

Asia is on fire with excitement as Kimora Lee Simmons does one of the things she does best--takes her fab self directly to the people.  She's been in Hong Kong for the past few days, where she learned that her hit reality series, on the Style Network and E! here in the States, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, is the number ONE show in Hong Kong!  I don't know what season they're on there, but that is some major news! 

Friday, she's going to give Malaysia a little taste of fabulosity and I'm sure they are going to throw waves of energy at her!  I'm sure she has a fairly structured schedule, while she's there, but she sent this tweet yesterday (click the image to enlarge):

Do NOT miss this Malaysians!!! Search that #KimoraTwtUp hashtag often on Twitter and go show her some love! And, tweet about it!  And, please tell your friends, Kimora is not at Baby Phat anymore and you should not be buying the brand.  The guys who own it are scumbags and we don't support scumbags!  Visit her website, for other ways to support her.  She was recently named President and Creative Director of Just Fabulous and while international shipping isn't available yet, I'm sure it will be soon enough.  Everything Kimora does is BIG. Worldwide shipping is almost as imminent as we can be sure Friday comes after Thursday. Just watch....and wait. --Sugar

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baby Phat's Skin Game: Crooks

Baby Phat Ad Post-Kimora
Why is Kellwood Company working so feverishly to transform Baby Phat, a successful, urban lifestyle brand, into something more along the lines of an Abercrombie & Fitch or J. Crew? Why are customers of color being ignored after years and years of supporting this brand?  Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons sold Phat Fashions, which includes Baby Phat and Phat Farm, to Kellwood Company in 2004. Kimora stayed on until August, 2010 as Creative Director, but it is Kellwood that has benefited most financially over the past 7 years where Phat Fashions is concerned. 

This is why, the way these jerks separated from Kimora and this new, "Look at us all of you white girls and boys! We want your money!" crap is driving me insane!  Here's the thing.  Baby Phat has never only appealed to customers of color.  A quick search of Kimora's Twitter mentions alone will show a wide section of loyal supporters of all backgrounds and ethnicities--from all over the world.  Wherever she goes in the world, hundreds of supporters show up!  This has never been only about appealing to customers of color, but the respect for those buyers has always been at heart, because that's where Kimora and Russell first launched this thing--among hip hop junkies and connoisseurs--I belong to that group, so I know what the hell I'm talking about.  And, Kimora was always conscientious about making sure that Baby Phat's ad campaigns represented that fact--that it was not just a brand that catered to customers of color, while still maintaining its edgy, urban roots. 

So, what all of a sudden makes Kellwood Company think that they can just give customers of color its ass to kiss?  The quality of the brand has plummeted.  The ads are about as lifeless and uninspiring as anything out there now and this overnight switch in focus in the ad campaigns is insulting to say the least. If you think we're going to go for this, you've got another thing coming, Kellwood.  Scores and scores of people still don't know that Kimora isn't heading up the brand anymore--though I can't imagine how they can't figure out that something is woefully missing with just a quick glance of the Baby Phat website--so, it's well past time that we expand this "campaign" to bring you jerks down.  Brace yourselves. --Sugar

Friday, October 28, 2011

Is Baby Phat Selling Wet Concrete?

These idiots can't seem to figure out what direction they want to take this company.  It's quite obvious that they don't want to be bothered with customers of color, as they've been slowly phasing out the clearly African American models in ads for months. But, now it seems that they're having a slight change of heart, adding some models of color back to the site.  In time for the holiday season? I'd say yes. I'd also say, get out of here with the bullshit.  We are not stupid!

What is it going to take for you fools to realize that you can't keep toying around with us?  And, what's with that "new" tagline? "From Runway to Pavement" PAVEMENT?! Of all of the words in the English language, you idiots chose Pavement in an attempt to inspire a desire for fashion? That sounds like the tagline for a concrete pouring company! You are just ruining a brand that it took over a decade of heart and soul to build and it disgusts me.  Not to mention, it's very reminiscent of Dereon's first tagline, "Where the Sidewalk and Catwalk Meet". That didn't go over well either. Maybe that's why you damn near need the Hubble Telescope (Go look at it! It's tiny!) to read the tagline on your site. Because, you know that it sucks.

And, this! At the foot of the screen on the Baby Phat website:
Sparkle and sizzle is what Baby Phat is all about. Whether you are a size 4 or a plus size, Baby Phat offers you a lifestyle collection that features everything today's metropolitan women dresses and blouses, bold pairs of sling back pumps and boots, designer women's jeans (including skinny jeans, low rise jeans, and jeggings), sleek accessories, stylish designer handbags and satchels. And with Baby Phat Kidz, mom can share her passion for fashion with her little princess or rock star in the making.
Sparkle and sizzle?! I could be ABsolutely wrong, but I don't believe this was there when Kimora was still heading up the brand. It is horrible. Terrible in fact.  The grammar, the punctuation, the wording, just all of it. Terrible!  This is what you think we deserve, Kellwood?!

Dear reader, please join the rest of us in a TOTAL boycott of all Baby Phat apparell. Kimora still owns the fragrances, so shop to your heart's content.  But, do not buy those other items.  Kellwood Company has no respect for us and we need to show them how we feel about it with our dollars. We don't have to take this bullshit from them and we can join together to bring them down.  It's the only way we will.  Check out Kanye and Jay Z's "Murder to Excellence" below for some inspiration.  Enough of this poor treatment we receive from these companies.....  --Sugar

Baby Phat: Death By 1,000 Cuts

This week, Kimora Lee Simmons landed in New York City and quickly reminded city-goers that she is much more than just a pretty face.  She paid a visit to New York's WPIX to talk about her latest initiative with Bounty--this time giving teachers recognition for all of their hard work. She stopped by CNN's Headline News to give some perspective on current Hollywood hot topics.  She made an appearance on BET's 106 & Park to talk about her new role as President and Creative Director of, AND she gave an awesome talk about what it takes to be a successful woman in business at an event sponsored by Verizon.  Total domination and I love it!

While she's crisscrossing the country, and the globe, making some serious moves, the name Kimora Lee Simmons keeps popping up everywhere. Meanwhile, Baby Phat is slipping further and further into obscurity.  They are mocked now for having separated from Kimora and the rapidly degrading quality is pissing customers off, creating even further disgust and brand abandon.  It's great!  I sent them a tweet this morning, "Death by a 1,000 cuts..." because that's what's happening.  It's more enjoyable to watch too because you just know they are suffering--fully aware that the end is nigh--trying one dumb gimmick after another!  Fools!  I wanted Baby Phat to crash and burn the week after Kimora announced the separation, but that was just my hot-headed response to how they'd treated her and the customer base.  There are people who are STILL only just finding out that Kimora isn't there anymore, because she works like a damn machine and she'd put her mark on every corner of this globe.  So, it was never possible for them to crash and burn right away.'s coming. A 1,000 cuts.

Check out a clip from Kimora's appearance at 106 & Park (below) and then head over to to see more clips and see what else she's up to! Remember, do not buy any Baby Phat clothing!  The Baby Phat fragrances still belong to Kimora, so happy shopping, but don't buy those damn clothes!  And, tell your friends!  The holiday season is upon us.  Just say NO to Baby Phat! --Sugar

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meet Kimora Lee Simmons...AGAIN!

I think this is great. It's a nice video introducing Kimora to the JustFabulous community as the new President and Creative Director.  I watched it on the site the other day, but I had no idea there was a YouTube Channel!  I'm not sure if this is the commercial that's airing on television, but it's fantastic. I think it shows so much growth for Kimora and it's very well-done. A true KLSH production. Enjoy! --Sugar

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

JustFab Welcomes Kimora, Guests on Red Carpet

Last night, Kimora Lee Simmons and a great mix of her family, other celebrities and supporters were welcomed to a lavish event at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood, California to celebrate her new role as President and Creative Director at JustFabulous.  By all accounts, including the boss herself, the event was a smashing success!

Head over to and check out the great write-up that Kimora posted today about the party, along with some terrific photos that highlight the evening! See those smiles in the picture above? Baby who? --Sugar

Win One of Kimora's Swag Bags!

From sea to shining sea, and points to the left and to the right of those vast pools of possibilities, people are still talking about Kimora Lee Simmons being named the new President and Creative Director of  Even some Kellwood Company vermin was crawling over this blog the week the news was announced.  It's so funny to watch it all play out.  Kimora is well-known for taking a cat by the whiskers having the savvy for taking an entity like this by its very roots and breathing new life into it like nobody imagined possible.  She did it with Baby Phat, building an international powerhouse in the fashion world with an urban-inspired line of apparel and accessories when she was only in her 20's.  Imagine how much more she'll do with JustFabulous (and every other thing she touches going forward) as a woman in her mid-30's, having already learned valuable lessons from those previous experiences?  She is a force no one should dare fail to reckon with. 

I almost forgot why I started writing this post. Check out the poster (from above for information about how you can win one of the great swag bags in the giveaway as a part of the festivities surrounding Kimora's new post at the retailer!  And, be sure to head over to and tell her congratulations and check out some other fun stuff. Remember, do not buy any Baby Phat or Phat Farm clothing. Can't you see what's happening right before your eyes?   

This fashion revolution is not only being televised and broadcast via radio, it is being announced via Twitter, Facebook, and almost anyplace else you care to look. In your face suckas. --Sugar

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kimora Lee Simmons Takes Helm At

Can't stop! Won't stop! I decided I'd check in here to see what the stats were looking like and to see if there were any new comments and I glanced at the news headlines in the right sidebar only to see a snippet of an article from Women's Wear Daily that said this:
Fashion mogul Kimora Lee Simmons is ramping up her life in the fab lane by taking the helm of online fashion retailer The Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based...
I thought, "What the?!" I clicked the link and it was to a subscription only article, so I did a little surfing and found a blog post over at Blaq Vixen Beauty with the details.  I am elated!  I'd love to run down a number of expletives to Kellwood Company right now, but I won't do that in order to preserve the sanctity of this moment.  But, take THAT, Kellwood!

Everytime I hear "" I think Kimora and in a few years, she might give Imelda Marcos a run for her money where her shoe game is concerned.  This is fantastic!  Check out Kimora's site for more details on this new development and remember, do not buy any Baby Phat or Phat Fashions clothing items!  There are far too many other designers to choose from and the disrespect that Kellwood Company has shown to the customer base and to Kimora and her staff is unacceptable.  It is racism and sexism at its very core. 

Oh, and don't call this a comeback.  She's "been here for years", and I'm sure there is much, much more to come.  Pow!  --Sugar   

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kimora Gears Up for Fashion's Night Out

Thursday, September 8th is a big day in the fashion world. It's Fashion's Night Out and the start of Fashion WeekKimora Lee Simmons, no stranger to the annual event, is doing what she does best--changing the game. This year, Kimora will be taking part in the festivities in Los Angeles at Fred Segal. She's going to be offering style tips and I'm sure whatever else you fashion-hungry little creatures might want! Okay, within reason....some of you and your expectations! Without a doubt it's going to be a beast of an event. Check out the details in the flyer above and let me know if you go check it out! Have fun and give her a big hug from me! : ) --Sugar

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baby Phat Never Stood a Chance

Last week, Kimora sent a tweet about a vintage interview of herself, but today was the first time I was able to watch the video. I love it! I'm not going to ramble on here. Check the video out below and remember do not buy any Phat Fashions (Phat Farm, Baby Phat) clothing! There are more than enough other designers to choose from without buying from those pigs. The brand never stood a chance once Kellwood took over. --Sugar

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who's In Charge?!

This weekend marks a year since Kimora Lee Simmons's departure from Baby Phat and I got some questions for you imps. WHO is in charge over there now?! I did a quick Google search for "Baby Phat Creative Director" just now and the only thing that shows up in the searches is articles about either Kimora's departure or old articles about the fact that she once was Creative Director. Have you not even bothered to name a new Creative Director? Are interns over there cobbling these sorry spreads together? Did the Kellwood Company receptionist put this weak, sloppy display in Macy's Herald Square together, complete with a safety pin big as all out doors in one of the pictures?!

Let me tell you something dear reader. These fools forced Kimora out of there and didn't have a single, solitary plan for how to keep the brand truly viable because they didn't and still don't respect buyers of the brand. They can't possibly, or they would have, at the very least, reintroduced the brand to the world and told us who the new Creative Director is and attempted to win customers over with that individual. But, how could they possibly do that when Baby Phat is synonymous with Kimora Lee Simmons? Today, one year later, there are still people who don't know that she is no longer there. People who contact her via Twitter to either complain about the brand or to express how much they love what she means to the brand.

I'm disgusted by all of this and if you're reading and you aren't on the Kellwood payroll, you should be too. What Kellwood did to this woman, and the disrespect that they've shown to Baby Phat customers is deplorable. Kimora is rebuilding and evolving and it's great! I couldn't be happier for her. I really cannot, but I won't be happy until Baby Phat is done. Let's talk about how you can help with that a little later this weekend. --Sugar

Baby Phat’s Year on Life Support

“The only certain freedom’s in departure.” –Robert Frost

One year ago, on Friday, August 20th, Kimora Lee Simmons responded to questions, via Twitter, about the status of her position as Creative Director at Phat Fashions. She announced that her relationship with Phat Fashions, at that very moment, was over. It was so casual and abrupt all at once that the way it was handled still shocks me--even as I find myself experiencing something so similar it’s a little unsettling. Unsettling because it’s a stark reminder that it can happen to any woman of color, in any industry, at any time.

As I write this, I realize that I’m as exhausted as I’ve been in weeks and I wonder, why do Black women have to catch so much hell? That will be the theme for this weekend…this anniversary weekend…of Kimora’s departure from Phat Fashions, i.e., the devil’s lair. I know that Kimora is half-Asian. I know that. But, it is that other half…her blackness and her…woman-ness that were most likely the reason for the majority of the crap that led to the unraveling of one of the most iconic brands the fashion world has ever known. And, I absolutely do not intend to imply that it was simply Kimora’s race and gender that caused this. For certain, it was a combination of things tossed at her, and Baby Phat customers, by some racist, sexist scum. I hope that I’ve done a fair job of discussing many of those over the past several months. This weekend, we’ll take a little trip down memory lane and make sure that there isn’t something that we’ve missed, and let these MFers know that we will continue to boycott that tainted brand.

But, back to this one year “anniversary” before now I lay me down to sleep and pray the Lord my soul to keep! I remember that night (that Kimora confirmed the split) almost like it was yesterday. Well, maybe not yesterday, but I remember it pretty well. I was pissed! Nothing seemed to add up, and Kimora’s tone in those tweets said it all, she was not happy about the split and that infuriated me so much, words can scarcely describe.

Now, one year later, the brand is just laying there, flat, on life support, trying one desperate measure after another to restore things to their former glory. It’s pathetic and this weekend, I think it only makes sense that we remind the world about the travesty of what Kellwood Company did to Kimora, Baby Phat customers and the fashion industry itself. I have some other items that I’d like to point out this weekend and I have some questions that I’m hoping one of the Kellwood snoops might be capable of answering for me. Let’s see if we can’t get a little closer to pulling the plug on this bitch. --Sugar

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Force of Beauty

You have to do yourself a favor and read Devorah Rose's Social Life Magazine feature article on Kimora Lee Simmons. It's one of the best articles I've read, of the many that have been published over the past several months, about Kimora. Take this for instance (from the article):
Do you recall the tale of how Athena sprung from the cranium of Zeus? Well, if a tsunami were birthed from a volcano in a similar manner, then imprisoned in the body of a Disney princess, the result would be the tumultuous and beautiful predicament that is Kimora Lee Simmons.
A fan-TASTIC introduction! Rose talks about Kimora's savvy as a businesswoman, including the fact that she helped the Phat Fashions empire gross over $850,000,000 in retail sales before moving on, and Kimora's present and future projects. I had to type all of the zeroes in order to drive the point home about the sales numbers. Over 850 MILLION dollars! Is there any wonder why she doesn't ever sleep?!

Head over to Kimora's website, and read the full article and take a look at the photographs taken during the shoot for the spread. What I think isn't emphasized nearly enough in these articles is how young Kimora is considering she's doing all of this ass kicking! She has barely scratched the surface of the plethora of ideas and possibilities brewing inside that head of hers. It is a revolution that I'm so pleased to be witnessing. And, I absolutely meant revolution. Evolution isn't a word quite strong enough to describe what this woman is about to do to the fashion world. You'd be wise to keep a close eye on her too. Who knows when we'll see something this fantastic again. Super nova. --Sugar

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Djimon and Kimora Add to Mandela Legacy

Kimora and her hubby Djimon have a lot going on this week as they criss cross South Africa continuing the great work that they are all too well-known for. They are taking part in the wonderful celebrations happening in honor of former South African President Nelson Mandela's 93rd birthday. Last year, while attending the World Cup festivities, the gorgeous couple took some time to lend their hands to the Mandela Legacy Canvas...literally. That's them adding their hand prints to the canvas back in September in the picture above. From the Times Live:

...the canvas carries hand-prints, messages and signatures of 67 celebrities from all over the world. It will be auctioned on Saturday to raise funds for the Nelson Mandela Foundation and mayoral charities.

Simmons was flown to the country by the City of Cape Town as a VIP guest at the auction. She will host a Destiny magazine party at Kenny Kunene's ZAR club in Cape Town on Saturday after the auction. Simmons features on the cover of this month's issue of Destiny.

Fantastic, right?! Right! Follow Kimora on her Twitter Account, @OfficialKimora where she gives details about the trip each day. She says she also plans to attend Cape Town Fashion Week events, so definitely look for some great pictures and descriptions at in the coming days.

I think this is so great. Kimora puts so much good energy out into the universe that she can only look forward to even bigger things coming her way.
These rats meanwhile, can only look forward to making preparations to make the announcement that Baby Phat, as a brand, has become obsolete. The Baby Phat "movement" left the building last August--nearly one year ago. It will never be the same. No respect? No dollars. --Sugar

Toss That Baby Phat Prepaid Visa Card!

Out with the old and in with the new! If you've been carrying around one of those Baby Phat RushCards, cut that up and toss it in the trash. This week, the brand new KLS RushCard was unveiled and it's ready for your shopping, saving and bill-paying pleasure. Check out more on the card here and remember, No Respect? No dollars! Leave all Baby Phat apparel, and those damn Prepaid cards behind. I don't want to see that cat ANYwhere! --Sugar

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Funeral For the Baby Phat Cat

For well over a decade, the Baby Phat cat,based upon Kimora's real cat known as Max who is no longer with us, has been an iconic symbol in the fashion world. When Kimora Lee Simmons came up with the concept, it took hold to the hearts and minds of girls and women the world over and it's permanent position there seemed unquestionable. But, is anything really permanent? Besides, herpes and George Hamilton's tan? Okay, maybe a few more things...but, life is fluid and ever changing and today, I saw another testament to that fact.

Kimora sent this tweet earlier today and when I clicked the link to picture, the next thing I heard was a loud smack! The sound of a hammer on a nail, jetting through wood, sealing some ish. It was another nail in the Baby Phat coffin. Girls have been getting the Baby Phat Cat tattoos for many, many, many years. Just Google it! A lot of them send Kimora pictures via Twitter and I'm sure via other means well before Twitter even existed. Many of these tattoos have no doubt been acquired because the symbol is sexy, but many of those were also no doubt placed on various body parts all over the world simply because these bold individuals wanted to show support for Kimora--of varying levels...

Now, we have this young lady, who is in Russia I believe, getting Kimora's initials tattooed on her body. Oh the sweet joy I felt knowing that this truly is it--the turning point in this saga. The cat who inspired the Baby Phat Cat left us many years ago, but I think it's time to start planning the funeral for the logo (and brand) as well.

There's an old superstition that claims that a cat has 9 lives. The reason for the saying is really interesting and might have been a bit of hope for Kellwood Company, owners of the Baby Phat brand since 2004, but they've driven it to just about 8.5 in that longevity windfall...

So, since the annual Essence Music Festival just wrapped up in New Orleans, let's keep it there with a little New Orleans Jazz Funeral music as we remember the good times we all had watching Baby Phat and Kimora evolve over the years. It's time we leave Baby Phat behind (besides, it's owned by a bunch of scumbags) and move along with Kimora into bigger and better, more mature things. What says that more than the power of her own initials?

Check out the touching moment from tuba player Kerwin James's funeral below. --Sugar

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kimora Does Fashion Police!

Last week, Kimora Lee Simmons sent a tweet saying she was on the way to shoot an episode of E!'s Fashion Police. It aired this past Friday and continues to roll out in other parts of the world and the reviews are in: Kimora, who was sitting in for the absent Giuliana Rancic, was a hit! I think Ms. Joan can find another seat up there on the set for our girl. Let her and Fashion Police know! Check out a clip at this link and check your local listings to find out when the episode might air again in your market. --Sugar

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is That A.....SAFETY Pin?!

Are you kidding me? You have to be kidding. Did these mofos leave a damn safety pin on that poor kid's jacket, then see the damn pin (which they must have during review of the shots) and leave it there anyway and go to print with the posters for the display? Are you kidding me?!!! Baby Phat and its parent company, Kellwood Company, can't possibly have any respect for urban buyers to allow this crap to be published like this. I'd be willing to bet almost everything I own that Kimora Lee Simmons would have never stood for this.

One of my cousins, who lives in New York and who knows how much I loathe these idiots and how they handled the separation with Kimora from Phat Fashions, sent me the pictures above today. She sent them pretty early in the day, but I didn't have a chance to look at them until much later in the afternoon. I was nearly speechless.

The pictures, with the bootleg Ming and Aoki who they've used in previous ads, are on display in one of the most well-known Macy's stores in the world--Macy's Herald Square. No idea what that means? This, from the Macy's website about this particular location:
From it's very inception, Macy’s Herald Square was a store unlike any other and over the past 150 years it has become a true New York City icon. Built in 1902, Herald Square was the first building to have the modern day escalator. Since then, Macy’s Herald Square has continued to be a trendsetter and today, "America's Largest Department Store" covers an entire city block with ten and a half levels of the latest fashions for you and your home. For your convenience, Macy's offers a full service Visitor Center located on the 34th Street Balcony Level, restaurants throughout the store and exciting events almost every day.
This store gets a LOT of traffic every day. Considering that an untold number of people still don't know that Kimora is no longer heading up Phat Fashions, it can only be assumed that anyone who sees that bullshit thinks she's the one who allowed it--a damn big safety pin tacked on that kid's back and haphazardly left there during the course of the photo shoot. Ridiculous.

The real problem though is there is no way in hell the marketing director for this shoot didn't see that pin on that jacket during review of the pictures. That he said, "Fugg it. Who cares?" (because after all, it's mostly a bunch of urban customers) and let it go to print, speaks volumes about their attitude towards those same urban customers. That we (Well, they. I wouldn't buy a headband from the bastards anymore.) don't deserve a truly high-quality attempt at earning our continued purchase of those products, even though millions are spent on them every year disgusts me. You think there's a Polo ad out there with a big ass safety pin visible on one of the models when it shouldn't be? Hell no!

Please don't spend your money on this crap. The quality of that clothing left when the heart and soul of the brand left nearly one year ago. It's over. Kellwood Company has absolutely no respect for the predominantly urban and minority buyers of those brands or they wouldn't keep kicking out those shoddy goods and trying to slip a fake Ming and Aoki past buyers. We've all grown up with Kimora and we've been watching her girls grow up. This is much more than just a line of apparel. That's what you goons failed to realize. But, as long-time buyers of the brand continue to abandon ship, soon enough you'll have to publicly acknowledge that fact. I'll be right here waiting with a frosty glass of libation and a sense of satisfaction that no amount of money could buy. Are you ready? --Sugar