Friday, November 4, 2011

Kimora Invites 500 Malaysians to Party!

Kimora with supporter @laineyx (on Twitter) in Malaysia.

The KLS Asian Domination Tour (Okay, they aren't calling it that, but it rocks a little bit, right?) is making some serious waves in the East! Kimora swooped down into Hong Kong and took care of some business.  Now, she's in Malaysia doing the same.  But, supporters in the country are going wild about the fact that she's in their midst, so she decided to host a special event just to meet and greet them and say thank you.  I think that's fantastic!

So, here's the skinny (from Kimora on Twitter). Click the image to enlarge if you need to.:

My Malaysian peeps, I know you are nestled in your little beds right now, visions of what it will be like to meet the Queen of Fabulosity tomorrow.  Start thinking now about what you will wear and what you might say to her when you meet!  Tell your friends, especially those who are not on Twitter, to follow Kimora there and to come out and enjoy the fun! Oh, and I think the name of the location is Club Rootz, so just search that when you're looking for directions.  There's a little typo in the tweet.  The world will still rotate. Breathe.  Search.  Have fun!

Remember, we do not support Baby Phat anymore, okay? Let me know if you have questions! --Sugar