Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Phat's Days Are Numbered

The more I think about how foolish and desperate Kellwood Company, owners of Phat Fashions, which includes Baby Phat (for several years now) looked with that "anonymous" comment posted here a few days ago, the more I realize how close Baby Phat is to "the end". The picture at the top of this post is from the stats for this blog, which show how feverishly Kellwood was scouring this itty bitty little site last week, and then got so pissed, called me a "fucking whack job" and posted such vile words anonymously. Only, I was able to prove it was them with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Let me tell you something. "Whack job" I am not. If you thought I was a "whack job", you wouldn't be visiting this site so often, including this Monday. Yeah, I saw you. I told you from the very first post here, I think this one makes 46, that I was not going to stop telling this story. And, I am not. You can take that to the bank. Which, pretty soon may be the only thing you are taking to the bank.

You messed up. Kimora and her team and we, her supporters and buyers of Phat Fashions, did not deserve the disrespectful way you handled this situation. Someone conveniently leaked back in August that Kellwood was tired of paying to have Kimora's pictures airbrushed and that she was too heavy at a size 10. A woman who'd given birth just over a year prior at the time. What world are you living in? I'm sure you all had been meeting and brainstorming and trying to figure out how you were going to handle disseminating the news that the partnership, if that's what you want to call it, was being dissolved. Well, whomever decided, "Let's say nothing," should be fired because it was the wrong move. A very wrong move. Your visits here tell me, now you know.......and, your ass is BUSTED. --Sugar