Monday, January 30, 2012

Kimora Lee Simmons Gets Trained!

Another picture from Kimora's visit to QVC studios for launch day orientation.

In about twenty-five days, the masses will get a first little taste of Shinto Clinical by Kimora Lee Simmons.  On February 24th, Kimora will take to the airwaves at the mega at home shopping network, QVC.  That's where her SMOOTH ANSWER Anti-Wrinkle & Moisture Boost Hydrator will become the first item in the 9 piece collection available for retail.

Last week, Kimora paid a visit to the QVC studios for an orientation session ahead of the big day.  From the sounds of things over at, the visit was very fruitful and motivating.  Head over there and check out her write-up about the trip.

And, if you haven't yet, be sure to follow @ShintoClinical on Twitter and LIKE the Facebook page! Do it and you might win one of the three remaining Shinto Clinical collections being given away in a great pre-launch promotional.  The first winner in the four week giveaway has been announced on the Shinto Clinical Facebook page and I'm sure she is ecstatic!  So, give it a shot and let me know if you win!  Good luck! : ) --Sugar

Friday, January 27, 2012

QVC Welcomes Kimora for Shinto Launch Prep


Less than a month to the big launch of Kimora Lee Simmons's new skin care line, Shinto Clinical, on the mega at home shopping channel, QVC (brick and mortar store roll-out shortly afterwards).  Thursday, she sent this tweet which included a picture (above) of her in the QVC studios, apparently doing prep for her February 24th appearance on the network to launch the new line. So exciting!

And, check your clock.  If it's not 12pm Eastern time on 1/27 yet, you still have time to give your SMOOTH ANSWER to this week's question in the pre-launch promotional.  The full Shinto Clinical collection is up for grabs this week and over the next three weeks, so adjust that thinking cap and get to typing!  And, breaking news.  You should breathe a big sigh of relief that I've decided I'm not going to enter.  It's none of your business why, you nosy thing.  Just be happy and use this to your advantage. : )  Peace out and good luck. --Sugar

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kimora's Mommy Mogul Tips for Beyonce

Kimora, Djimon and son Kenzo Lee on vacation in St. Bart's. [Celebuzz]

As the world eagerly awaits a first glimpse of Jay Z and Beyonce's new little bundle of joy, Blue Ivy, the gifts, congratulations and of course, advice, continue to pour in.  Who better to give Beyonce advice about how to transition into being a mommy mogul than the queen of mommy mogulness, Kimora Lee Simmons

During a chat with MTV News, Kimora offered this:
"I always tell people I'm not the glamorous Hollywood mom," said Simmons, who continues to expand her own fashion brand to include the Shinto Clinical skin-care line. "I'm not the kind of celebrity that lives in the spotlight. I'm famous from work that I do. I've always been in the business and raised my family in the business so it's like a second nature for me. I think that's the key is striking a balance. For me it's always about prioritizing."

What's Simmons' advice for new celeb moms looking to follow her lead? "I think it's about choosing what you want and going after that. Do the best you can, but you don't have to be Superwoman."
Good stuff.  Check out the rest of the article here and be sure to follow Kimora on her Twitter and follow Shinto Clinical, her soon to be launched skin care line (February 24th on QVC), on Twitter and on FacebookEspecially on Facebook because there's a great pre-launch campaign underway and you can win the entire collection if you are smooooooth enough.  Check it out. --Sugar

Monday, January 23, 2012

Shinto Clinical: Win it Before You Can Buy It

Shinto Clinical: Smooth Answer

In just over a month, Kimora Lee Simmons will be able to add one more bullet point to her list of accomplishments -- purveyor of fine skin care products.  Her new line, Shinto Clinical, will launch on QVC on February 24th. It will arrive in retail stores Nordstrom and Fred Segal a short while later. 

BUT, you can win some before you can even BUY some!  You can find the details on the Shinto Clinical Twitter page, but here's what you have to do.  Like the Shinto Clinical Facebook page and check it at least weekly, starting today, January 23rd, for a new chance to win the full, 9 piece Shinto Clinical collection.  If you give a Smooth Answer to the week's question or scenario, the prize is yours!

Now, here's the kicker:

From (Click to enlarge)

Kimora is choosing the winners.  So, make them good and get to it!  I had originally planned to swoop down and bring home the prize on the first day, but...I think I'll swoop down later in the week.  Watch out.  --Sugar

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The lead-up to the launch of Kimora Lee Simmons's new skin care line, Shinto Clinical, is heating up by the hour!  A short while ago, this was posted to the Shinto Clinical Twitter feed:

From (Click to enlarge)

In true KLS fashion, Shinto Clinical is covering all bases before the official 2.24.12 launch date.  Over the next four weeks, anyone who has "liked" the Shinto Clinical Facebook page will have a chance to win the complete Shinto Clinical by Kimora Lee Simmons skin care collection, all for the trouble of giving a "Smooth Answer" to a hypothetical question or scenario.  It's a very generous prize.  So, don't sit on your duffs and not enter, then beg her for samples once this rocket leaves the station.

Check out the rules for the contest here at and be sure to follow the Shinto Clinical Twitter and like the Facebook page so you can give it a shot!  Though, it might be pointless, because I'm definitely going to enter this one and I play to WIN! --Sugar

Monday, January 16, 2012

Kimora's Smooth Answer

A few more little nuggets of information from the Shinto Clinical Twitter account today:

From (click to enlarge)

I like! I like!  Moisture and cleanliness is essential for healthy, beautiful skin and I have no doubt that Smooth Answer will be awesome.  The devil is in the details.  If you missed it, check out the Women's Wear Daily article at for more about Kimora's vision for Shinto Clinical and to get a preview of what's included in the line.  Get ready!!!  --Sugar

Friday, January 13, 2012

Kimora's Shinto Clinical: Official Launch Date

Image of Shinto Clinical products posted at

The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms.  Very often it does not know what to do with genius. --Oliver Wendell Holmes

I am extremely careful about "heaping praise" upon any single individual, because we humans are so prone to screwing up.  But, when it is due and when it is unmistakable, the universe leaves me with no other choice.  Kimora Lee Simmons is a genius.  Let me repeat that.  Kimora Lee Simmons is a genius.

Let me explain something to you.  What we are all witnessing a 36 year old woman do, and having done since her early 20s, is nothing short of genius.  Nothing.  She is fashion.  But, Kimora Lee Simmons is also business.  It is almost too much for my senses to bear.  It's one thing to watch a documentary or read a biography or some such about a genius who once was.  It's quite another to be alive and present to witness all of this in action.  Sure, there are other celebrities and personalities with clothing lines and skincare lines and reality shows and books and such, but there is nobody doing it with as much passion and care and thought as Kimora Lee Simmons.  Nobody. And, I dare anyone to name one other.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kimora's Shinto Clinical: It's Coming

For months, we've all been anxiously awaiting the launch of Kimora Lee Simmons's new skincare line, Shinto Clinical.  Today, we got a little tease when this was posted from the company's twitter account (which you should definitely go follow):

Oooh la laaaaa!  So mysterious!  The picture below was posted some time ago on the web claiming to be the approved product packaging.  Not sure if that's the case and there isn't any other indication of what it may look like other than the logo present, there, but if that is the packaging, it's pretty slick.  Whatever the case, I wouldn't expect anything less than something eye-catching and fresh from Kimora, so it'll be exciting to see what it actually looks like.

Something else of note is, of the 5 Twitter accounts that the Shinto Twitter account is following, one is Nordstrom and the other is QVC, the mega television network for at home shopping.  Oooh la laaaaaaa!!!  If Kimora is taking to the QVC airwaves to sell Shinto Clinical, this would be huge!  I can scarcely fathom what it would mean for sales.  Nordstrom would mean big sales. Absolutely. But, have you ever watched the sales action on one of those at home shopping channels? Huge!!!

Head to and be sure to sign up for emailed updates and follow them on TwitterKimora Lee Simmons is about to do it again. --Sugar

Friday, January 6, 2012

Kimora's Just Fabulous Joins Pinterest

It feels as though every week there's a new social media tool.  I'm fairly certain that half of them are useless, but every now and then I stumble upon one that blows me away.  Consider me grasping for something to hold on to because Pinterest has hit me full blast with its endless "pins" of all things fashion, travel, food and quote related, just to name a few categories. 

The site acts as a sort of virtual pin board upon which users can pin images of whatever they'd like to share with other Pinterest addicts members.  It is a feast for the senses.  A couple weeks ago, I sent a tweet to Just Fabulous suggesting that they join Pinterest after seeing a tweet from another company mentioning that their products would soon be pinned there.  Whomever the sweet soul is posting the tweets for Just Fab kindly responded that they were already working on it and they'd be out the gate soon.

Silly me.  The creative lead at Just Fabulous is only a woman who turned a t-shirt into a multi-million dollar a year company.  So, guess what?  Thursday, Just Fabulous announced that their Pinterest is up and running!!!  I know that I haven't done the description justice, and I could ramble on here for a bit longer to describe it, but I need for you to go there and take a look at Pinterest in all its full glory.  You just have to see it!  So, get to it and enjoy!  But, be careful. It is extremely addictive!  Really addictive! --Sugar

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

If you're reading this, I hope that the year ahead is a great one for you.  Even you, Baby Phat/Kellwood water carriers.  Now, I don't mean a great year for Baby Phat, the brand.  I believe that this will be the year it finally goes under and I will rejoice.  But, seriously, I don't wish you all any ill will where your health is concerned and I hope you make it through the year without any debilitating illnesses and such.  But, I need for Phat Fashions to fail and as long as you insist upon misleading the people, if that means Kellwood Company fails along with it, so be it.  Karma is something else.  I think she's got something mighty nasty brewing up for you guys.  --Sugar