Friday, January 6, 2012

Kimora's Just Fabulous Joins Pinterest

It feels as though every week there's a new social media tool.  I'm fairly certain that half of them are useless, but every now and then I stumble upon one that blows me away.  Consider me grasping for something to hold on to because Pinterest has hit me full blast with its endless "pins" of all things fashion, travel, food and quote related, just to name a few categories. 

The site acts as a sort of virtual pin board upon which users can pin images of whatever they'd like to share with other Pinterest addicts members.  It is a feast for the senses.  A couple weeks ago, I sent a tweet to Just Fabulous suggesting that they join Pinterest after seeing a tweet from another company mentioning that their products would soon be pinned there.  Whomever the sweet soul is posting the tweets for Just Fab kindly responded that they were already working on it and they'd be out the gate soon.

Silly me.  The creative lead at Just Fabulous is only a woman who turned a t-shirt into a multi-million dollar a year company.  So, guess what?  Thursday, Just Fabulous announced that their Pinterest is up and running!!!  I know that I haven't done the description justice, and I could ramble on here for a bit longer to describe it, but I need for you to go there and take a look at Pinterest in all its full glory.  You just have to see it!  So, get to it and enjoy!  But, be careful. It is extremely addictive!  Really addictive! --Sugar