Monday, November 12, 2012

Is Kellwood Under Water?

I figured I'd ramp things back up here ahead of the holiday buying rush, but damn, nobody's checking for Baby Phat.  At all.  I did a Google search and nothing but a bunch of junk returns and old links to the brand's heyday when Kimora was still at the helm.  I did a Google search for Kellwood and oh my have things gotten interesting over there. 

First, in my neglect here, I missed the news that Jill Granoff, former CEO of Kenneth Cole, is now in our pal Michael Kramer's old job.  She's already shaking things up and I have a feeling that there aren't enough fingers to plug the dam over there.  Hilariously, I believe Kellwood is glad that most of the fashion trade press has pretty much left them to their devices while they "reorganize".  But, the St. Louis media keeps right on reporting what's happening.  Like this, Report:  Kellwood Co. Considering IPO for Vince Brand in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Let's discuss.  Shall we? We shall.