Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby Who?

See the title of this blog post? That's what I'm aiming for in this boycott of Baby Phat--for people to utter those words in the near future when asked about Baby Phat. I want them to say, "Baby who?" As in, never heard of em. Wouldn't buy anything from them. Didn't know they existed and don't care if they do. F*ck em.

I scour Kimora Lee Simmons's Twitter timeline daily to see if she's had to yet again inform one of her supporters that she's no longer with Baby Phat so I can then send them here, breaking the news to them about why she is no longer with them. It is such a seemingly never-ending task because Kimora had soooo many supporters and most of them purchased Baby Phat not only because they appreciated the passion she put into the designs, with all women in mind, but also because she makes herself so available to them. Still, over three months since Kellwood showed her the door in such a disrespectful manner, people are still just learning about this and their reaction is always the same, "F*ck Kellwood. I'm not buying Baby Phat or Phat Farm anymore." This will continue.

As I've stated here before, it may take a year to fully spread this information, but it is a task that I am committed to. I've been extremely busy at my job so it's been tough to update this blog regularly, but I'm doing my best to stay on it via Twitter.

I've said it once and I'll say it for an 80th time, DO NOT BUY ANY BABY PHAT OR PHAT FARM CLOTHING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON!!! We HAVE to make them feel it or they'll think they can just keep treating not only women of color this way, but the customer base of this and other brands. It's disrespectful what Kellwood did and I'm not going to just sit back and say, ho hum. F*ck that! No respect, no dollars. Support Kimora by purchasing her fragrances, which are fabulous and will make wonderful holiday gifts and by visiting her website, regularly to see what's new. --Sugar