Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kimora to Return for 6th Season of Fab Lane

I woke up at an ungodly hour the morning, so I started surfing the internet when I decided to go to to see if Kimora had posted anything new. There's a post from March 11th entitled, "Hard At Work!" with these brief words:
Hi fabs! I’ve been hard at work lately on SO many new projects, samples for Shinto Clinical, my sixth fragrance Luv Me by KLS, ad campaigns, prepping for Season 5 of Fab Lane… WOW! This is the evolution! Can’t stop won’t stop! Buckle up, Team Fabulosity!!!

I had to read it again to make sure my eyes hadn't deceived me, but, they hadn't. Kimora casually mentioned that she was prepping for Season 5 of her hit Style Network docu-series (I read someone call it that yesterday. I like that.) Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane! I think it's great and as I told her in a tweet, I think 5 is a great number. Ending at 4 seasons just felt kind of unbalanced. I completely understand, though, the intrusion must be absolutely nauseating at times. But, Kimora's a businesswoman and there's no other way to get this kind of exposure and get paid for it. She's got some great products about to hit the shelves and this 5th season of Fab Lane is going to make promoting them even easier. Geniuses.

Update: Kimora mentioned, via Twitter Sunday, that this is actually the 6th season of Fab Lane. I forgot to ask her why, so I did today and she says that Style Network is incorrect. It's actually season 6, not 5 as they suggest. So guess what season it is? Six.

Be sure to check often. I'll be sure to check more often from now on myself, because what an awesome little nugget to have missed! And, remember, don't buy any Baby Phat or Phat Farm clothing items. None of it. Coats, jackets, jeans, shirts. Kimora owns the fragrances, but consider the rest of it non-existent. No respect? No dollars. --Sugar