Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NO Baby Phat This Christmas!

Kellwood Company thugs visit Boycott Baby Phat 11/15/2011
(Click to enlarge.)

As you make your holiday shopping lists I hope you will remember to leave the Baby Phat clothing items on the racks and shelves and in the bargain bins.  Don't buy any of it.  I don't care how tempting or inexpensive it may be.  Kimora Lee Simmons created a brand that burned itself into the hearts and minds of women and girls the world over, but she's not at Baby Phat anymore, the company is now being run by clueless idiots and the quality is not anywhere near as reliable as it once was.  And, to repeat yet again, we all deserved--customers, Kimora and her staff--a more respectful transition where Baby Phat is concerned. 

All these months later, they are scheming and plotting trying to keep up the ruse--that Kimora is still there. They seem to think that customers are so stupid, we'll just go along with the program as they shoo models of color out the door, start using cut-rate materials to produce the line and snoop around this little blog as if they don't have enough work to do on a daily basis.  Customers know that something is wrong...different...and one by one I'm gonna tell them. 
Kimora is now President and Creative Director of Just Fabulous, her new skincare line, Shinto Clinical, will be available for sale soon and she's shoring up her KLS clothing line.  Some months ago, on her hit reality show on the Style Network, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, she announced that she and her girls Ming and Aoki were working on a clothing line for kids which will be called Miyoki.  I'm not sure where it is in the development stage, but Kimora doesn't release anything that is not up to par, so count on that line to be a top contender.  I'll keep you posted here and you should be sure to check in at KLS.com often for updates.

This is all such a mess and over a year later, I'm still disgusted about it.  You, dear reader (not you Kellwood minion), should be too.  There are not that many women of color making a mark in the fashion world and Kellwood Company and Sun Capital severed ties with this one without a second thought.  Now, they are trying to morph the brand into something completely different (i.e. not urban...i.e. not appealing to people of color) and it's just not going to work.  We aren't going to allow it work.

I know that you thought that by now I would have given up on this boycott.  You are fools to have thought such a thing and I'm sure you notice that more and more people, from all over the globe, are coming here and finding out what you did.  This will continue.  No respect? No dollars.  --Sugar