Monday, November 7, 2011

Malaysia Loves Kimora Lee Simmons!

Anxious Malaysian supporters gather around Kimora Lee Simmons.

There's far too much good stuff at for me to rattle on and on here, so I won't. Kimora Lee Simmons spent a few days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this past week and by all accounts, the visit was a smashing success as she works to expand her business empire.  The picture above is from one of the many stops Kimora made around the city and I think it's one of my favorites from the trip.  The black and white effect is a nice touch.

Anyway, head over to and check out all of the great posts she has up about the trip and leave her some comments!  It's great to see her continuing on with her global domination itinerary (you know she has one) despite the fact that these weasels are apparently still buying her name as a keyword to drive people to that wretched site, which she has nothing to do with anymore. 

Remember, do not buy any clothing items from Baby Phat, especially this holiday season.  And, tell your friends!  Causes bile to rise up in my throat when I see someone sashaying about in that crap. --Sugar