Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kimora is Team Nook

Okay, it's a commercial. I'm not sure if she uses a Nook on a regular basis, but she could have told Barnes and Noble no if she didn't think it was a good product.  @KLSH_Fanclub (on Twitter) sent some tweets Saturday mentioning that Kimora Lee Simmons was in a new Nook television commercial.  I thought, "Great!" because I've owned a Nook since last year and I love it. I don't think that Barnes and Noble has done enough to fight back and promote it the way Amazon has been pushing the Kindle.  Yes, I think about these things.  I work in communications. It's a habit, okay?

Anyway, I was ecstatic to see Glee's Jane Lynch in a new commercial touting the Nook a couple weeks ago and now Kimora's added celebrity support is even better. I tend to do things a little differently than most.  When the digital music craze started sweeping the nation, we were all told that we had to have an iPod.  Right away, I knew I had to see what else was out there because when "they" tell you that one product is the best of them all, there's probably something just as good or even better.  So, I did some research and just as I thought, Microsoft's Zune was a solid machine with just as many options as the iPod, but with one piece de resistance that made it clearly the better choice: the Zune Pass.  To date, I've owned two Zunes and the main reason I bought the second was to upgrade to the HD version.  I love it.  Microsoft has announced that they don't intend to manufacture them anymore (suffocated by the iPod I'm sure) and that makes me sad, but the Zune Pass platform will still be available in Windows phones, XBOX and PCs. 

So, on to the point of this post. Kimora's Nook commercial.  The very first book I bought for my Nook was Kimora's Fabulosity: What it is and How to Get It.  Hopefully, her next book will be a Nook book as well. Check out the commercial below.  --Sugar