Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Phat's Con Game

I think it's disgusting that Kellwood Company, owners of Phat Fashions (which includes Baby Phat) for the past several years, is kicking out shoddy goods, causing people to think that Kimora Lee Simmons is behind those poor products. We are pushing the 7 month mark since Kimora announced that she was no longer going to be creative director at Phat Fashions. Kellwood remains silent.

Several times a week, in what seems to be a growing trend, someone on Twitter contacts Kimora to say that they picked up some Baby Phat item that was either falling apart at the seams, had a zipper break shortly after purchase or just plain didn't look worth a damn. These people are contacting Kimora because the scumbags at Kellwood have never, to this date, announced that she isn't there any longer. I think it's disingenuous and I think Kimora should sue the hell out of them for the trouble. She is still building her other brands and the last thing she needs is for people thinking that she no longer has the "touch" when it comes to creating brands that sell.

So, if you just stumbled upon this blog in a quest to find somebody to complain about Baby Phat gear, you need to contact Kellwood Company because Kimora doesn't have a damn thing to do with it. Let me know if you have a hard time finding a live person to speak with and I'll give you a direct number to the PR heffa up in there. Do not buy those products! No respect? No dollars. Visit Kimora at her newly designed website, --Sugar