Thursday, February 9, 2012

Avril Lavigne and Kimora Lee Simmons Team Up

This is major. Major!  I don't know how they'll keep them in stock!  Rocker Avril Lavigne has decided to partner with Kimora Lee Simmons's Just Fabulous to debut her Abbey Dawn collection of shoes and handbags in Spring, 2012.  Abbey Dawn will give JustFabulous members early access to 12 shoes and 5 handbags from the collection.  Some of those will be exclusive to JustFabulous.

300 Dollar Cream Dreams

I don't think Kimora Lee Simmons will ever cease to amaze me!  Wednesday, was the unofficial start to Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week, but there were some pre-start shows and presentations and Twitter was all abuzz. So, I decided that I'd push any Shinto Clinical or Just Fabulous posts out to the masses with a great new tool that I found.  What I wasn't prepared for was this woman going on a blitzkrieg of information!  By the time I finally stumbled out of the house and headed for the gym last night, I felt like I'd put in some hours at a job!

When I got in my car, I thought to myself, "What just happened?"  There was an article in OK! Magazine. There was an article in Juicy Magazine Online. There was an article and competition announced on and a couple other things that I didn't even touch in my email from Just Fabulous!  It was fantastic!