Thursday, February 9, 2012

300 Dollar Cream Dreams

I don't think Kimora Lee Simmons will ever cease to amaze me!  Wednesday, was the unofficial start to Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week, but there were some pre-start shows and presentations and Twitter was all abuzz. So, I decided that I'd push any Shinto Clinical or Just Fabulous posts out to the masses with a great new tool that I found.  What I wasn't prepared for was this woman going on a blitzkrieg of information!  By the time I finally stumbled out of the house and headed for the gym last night, I felt like I'd put in some hours at a job!

When I got in my car, I thought to myself, "What just happened?"  There was an article in OK! Magazine. There was an article in Juicy Magazine Online. There was an article and competition announced on and a couple other things that I didn't even touch in my email from Just Fabulous!  It was fantastic! 

But, here's why I named this post 300 Dollar Cream Dreams.  In the OK! Magazine write-up, Kimora says to the question about the idea behind Shinto Clinical:
It's all about firming, tightening, brightening, clearing the discoloration.  It looks like, feels like, works like a $300 cream.
This is what Kimora does best.  She makes customers feel like they are truly a part of the glamorous world that she lives in.  Dare I say, she almost seems to go about her business with that in mind -- finding ways for everyone to at least feel like they are living in the same glamorous world she exists in -- and it's brilliant!  And, I don't mean glamorous as in she's running around the streets partying like a rock star.  I mean glamorous as in flying in private jets and spending long vacations in St. Barth's surrounded by other celebrities.  Because, make no mistake about it, Kimora Lee Simmons works.  A lot.  But, without a doubt, she enjoys luxuries that most people will never even come close to experiencing.

So, when she tells the masses that Shinto Clinical "works like a $300 cream", she's reaching out to that desire for a taste of luxury that resides in most of us, and it works!  I mean, who wouldn't want to buy a $30-$60 product that works like a $300 one?  It's the same thing Kimora did with Baby Phat. She made sure that not only did buyers feel like they were buying a piece of luxury, she also made sure that the quality of the apparel felt like luxury.  This is why the steep descent into the bargain bins at Walmart the Slauson Swap Meet for Baby Phat has been such an assault on the senses -- because we all know what it once was.

Now, prepare yourselves, because she's a bit older and a lot more savvy than she was during the early Baby Phat years. As successful as that brand has been, that can only mean everything else she does going forward will be even more successful. She knows how to navigate the playing field, avoiding many of the same traps and pitfalls that were placed before her back then.  It is going to be so satisfying to watch and I will be cheering her on with all that I can give. 

Just promise me that you won't let your 300 dollar cream dreams have you out here looking crazy like the lady in the video below. Please.   --Sugar

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