Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kicking Ass Since Circa 1975

I had hoped to post this Tuesday night, but I was so exhausted by the time I dragged myself into my place (fucking whack job that I am) that I could barely even get the energy to pull my laptop out of the bag. And, at 11:57pm, the day is almost over (but not in Cali, so there you go), but these words are just as heartfelt as they would have been had I posted them last week. :)

But, I wanted to say a very big Happy Birthday to Kimora Lee Simmons. You have done so much to brighten every corner of this globe that you've visited--inspiring, encouraging and supporting others--and I don't think anything has made it more evident than the thousands upon thousands of tweets that were sent today from all over the world with a simple mission...sending you love and best wishes. That's energy. Positive energy and no amount of evil can destroy that. So, I really hope you were able to feel the love and the support like never before. We aren't going to let some lousy worms get the best of you if we can help it.

You are so young, with so much of the world left to expose to your fabulous self, and while I'm sure that things took a slight deviation from the path that you thought you were heading down, God is the best of planners and he has already shown that he has even bigger plans for you. :) So, I hope you've had a wonderful, wonderful day and I hope that the next 12 months leading up to your next birthday are even more exciting and rewarding than the past 12. At least in the next 12, you will have already gotten rid of the dead weight. Love you and know that if there is ever anything I can do to make anything better, I'm there. :) --Sugar