Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kimora's House of Fab Debuts

I never doubted that she could do it again, but I had no idea she'd do it like this.  Wednesday night, Kimora Lee Simmons threw down the gauntlet for other reality television series with Kimora: House of Fab.  Just as she promised, the show gives viewers an inside look at the creative process at online fashion behemoth Just Fabulous where she's President and Creative Director.  It is a hit! 

Kimora prefers to call the show a docu-drama and I agree. It's less like a traditional reality tv series (no beatdowns, no screaming matches between drunken, far too old to be behaving that way women, no idle chatter about dumb sh*t, etc.) and more like a short-form documentary in series form.  I love home designer Jeff Lewis's Flipping Out series and Kimora: House of Fab has that same organic, fresh feel.  When I watch Jeff's show, as much as I'm entertained, it's amazingly interesting to see how he puts his genius to work.  Kimora: House of Fab handles its content very similarly and I'm hooked!