Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Phat Without Kimora is a BUST

Sunday night's episode of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane stated very plainly that Kimora is no longer at Baby Phat/Phat Fashions. The episode was very tastefully put together (cause I might have done a little too much on the f*ck em side of things) with great scenes of Kimora's team reminiscining and working to help her move forward in the days and weeks after the disgusting thing that Kellwood Company (owners of Baby Phat) did to her. It was very touching.

I'm not going to belabor the point here, so let me cut to the chase. If you stumbled upon this blog. Good. Kimora is not at Baby Phat/Phat Fashions anymore and it is for some very foul reasons. See articles here, here and here for some insight, but the bottom line is that she and Kellwood parted ways in August, 2010 (with allegations swarming that it was because of her weight!), Kellwood made no public statement or announcement, refuses to answers questions about why the partnership dissolved and yet allows customers to continue to buy, assuming that they are supporting Kimora in the process.

They think we are fools. Has any other brand with such world-wide appeal been through such a shakeup at the top with NO proper public sendoff for the one who orchestrated the entire deal!? Hell no! So, why in the HELL is this the way this brand was handled?! I'll tell you. A bunch of racist, sexist, scum runs the brand and they have no respect for the customers who make the brand a multi-million dollar a year force.

So, before I ramble on for too long, I urge you to join the rest of us in a boycott of all Baby Phat/Phat Farm clothing items. Don't buy any of it! No respect? No dollars. Enough with this shit. If it were merely that Kellwood wanted to go in another direction with the brand (and, I don't know why the hell they woulda done that when it still has such mass appeal), they would have stated such by now. They are pigs and they don't deserve our support, so don't give it!

Priscilla, a member of Kimora's team sent this tweet earlier Sunday night:

I truly hope every1 understands tht @OfficialKimora created a FAMILY (not a
staff)...Family 1st...& NO ONE can tear us apart! #Fabulosity #fb
Word up, Priscilla and we won't let anyone tear you guys apart.

This is only the beginning of the real beatdown you are about to receive, Kellwood. And, if you think some hastily put together statement or press conference is going to calm these folks down, you can forget it. You fools should have addressed this months ago, or better yet, handled the whole thing like some effing professionals. Well, we got something for that.... --Sugar