Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kimora Speaks Out

I was tweeting a guy on Twitter Saturday, wondering whether Twitter was making me read less. Then, we started talking about being informed via information shared on Twitter. I told him that I felt like I was getting more from Twitter than I did from regular, mainstream media. Another guy agreed. So, today, Kimora Lee Simmons shared this tweet:
As a mother+a designer I take real issue w the sexualization of our young girls! Wth?! #shame #fauxfab #fb
Instantly, that peaked my interest. So, I clicked the link and found myself just as disgusted as she was. It was an article about new padded bikini tops for girls as young as those in the 2nd grade. You read that right, the 2nd grade. Just appalling. What have we come to in this world that we are telling girls as young as 7 that they need more cleavage in order to be acceptable? It's just terrible! But, what is awesome is Kimora's willingness to say that's it's appalling.

Kimora could have just pretended to never have even seen that article. Never sent a tweet about it. I'm sure there are some folks at Abercrombie & Fitch who would take issue with her saying she has a problem with the tops. But, in the same manner that we all have come to know and love, she said, eff it and let us know what she thinks about the situation. This is why Kellwood Company's poor handling of their relationship separation with Kimora is going to cost them. She is as real as it gets and her supporters know it.

Kellwood's phony attempts to emulate her style will always fall short. Hell, some people first realized she was gone from Phat Fashions after that faux Ming Lee and Aoki Lee ad showed up in People Style Watch a few weeks ago. As soon as they saw that phony ad they knew.

I won't stand by and watch as Kellwood tries to get away with this and I hope that you won't either. Do not buy any Baby Phat or Phat Farm clothing! None of it. Check out all of the great new things that Kimora is working on at her newly designed site, including a new skincare line, new children's line and greater attention on her flagship brands, KLS and Kouture by Kimora. --Sugar