Friday, February 25, 2011

Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Life

When is this mess going to end already? Yesterday, Kimora Lee Simmons tweeted this:

Jst saw a HORRIBLE ad 4 kids tht looks like a bootleg version of my kids in an ad! SMH! Often imitated, never duplicated! :/ #shame #Really?! #beOriginal #fb

I thought to myself, "I know damn well Baby Phat hasn't tried to duplicate one of those Ming and Aoki ads." But, I'll be damn if I wasn't wrong. I went to the University of Pennsylvania's bookstore and took a little look see through some of the magazines in there and what do you know? Right there in People Style Watch, tucked away in a little bottom corner of one of the ad that is unmistakeably a knock-off of the styling used in Baby Phat ads featuring Kimora's daughters, Ming Lee and Aoki Lee Simmons, when Kimora was still in the driver's seat there....except that it sucks. Just like these ads for Baby Phat's Spring 2011 Collection.

Take a look at these ads with Ming and Aoki:

Now, look again at this new Baby Phat one:

Is there really any debate about what they were trying to do? Hell no, and if an individual didn't really take a hard look at the girls, they might not even realize that they aren't Ming and Aoki. Just terrible. Don't.Buy.This.Stuff. Don't do it. Check out Kimora's newly designed website to get the latest news on her brands and find ways to support her, including information about her upcoming skincare line, Shinto Clinical, because this is all so unfair. Kellwood (owner of Baby Phat) has some nerve trying to use that same styling for that shoot. The architect goes? The blueprints go with her. Seems you thought you could do it better. Well, do it bitches! --Sugar

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