Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A New Start, A Fancy New Website

On Valentine's Day, Kimora Lee Simmons sent a tweet announcing that she'd relaunched her website, KLS.com. As in, it's all shiny and new, complete with a fantastic photo library, videos, a place to keep up with some of the latest news involving Kimora, an area to learn more about the brands that Kimora owns and a blog, which she says she intends to update regularly. I think it looks fantastic, and I'm very glad that she and her team were able to get this taken care of. I'm sure that in the coming weeks and months, the site is going to be bustling with activity and I think it will be a great launch pad for Kimora's future initiatives, including her skincare line, Shinto Clinical.

Visit the site and leave a comment! I'm going to do so as soon as I finish this post. And, be sure to watch Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane every Sunday night on the Style Network at 9pm. I checked the website for the network and I didn't see any episodes past this coming Sunday, which I hope is not an indication that the season is almost over. But, I think maybe, just maybe, we get so greedy with our desire to look into these people's lives, we forget that...it's their lives! So, while I truly hope that the season isn't coming to an end, if so, I appreciate Kimora's willingness to even let us take the glimpse that she has allowed.

Remember, don't buy any Baby Phat clothing items and spread the word!!!! As I've said here before, Kimora didn't build that brand overnight and we damn sure aren't going to break it down overnight. But, the bricks are falling off the facade and no amount of patch work is going to do the trick either. No respect? No dollars. --Sugar


  1. yu do know that baby phat is still the top selling womens brand in macy's right? I still love it :(

  2. Well, that's just not true. This 2010 Fact Book from Macy's (http://www.macysinc.com/Investors/vote/2010_fact_book.pdf) states that their own private labels are the top selling women's brands in their stores. Also, that's totally your decision if you decide to still purchase those products, but (if I'm not mistaken you are visiting from South Africa) considering the history of apartheid and what that nation went through with regards to equality and such, you would be a bit more sensitive to this situation. Certainly, nobody is being chased through the streets with regards to this situation, but racism and sexism are most definitely at the root of the way both Kimora and fans of Phat Fashions have been treated in this situation. Let your conscience be your guide. --Sugar