Monday, February 6, 2012

Boss Talk

Alright, we talked about this yesterday and today, it's here.  So, no more checking in vain.  Capiche?  Now?  You compete!  Just...really put some thought into these.  Remember, the entire Shinto Clinical collection is on the line.  The whole thing.  All nine items.  The whole thing.....  AND, remember that Kimora Lee Simmons is choosing the winners!  So, make them great! 

This week's scenario wants to know how you'd deal with having to ask your boss for a little something.  Go to the Shinto Clinical Facebook page and check it out! And, be sure to tell your friends to do the same!  Don't be selfish!  There are still two more weeks to give it a shot if you don't win this week.  Good luck! --Sugar