Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is That A.....SAFETY Pin?!

Are you kidding me? You have to be kidding. Did these mofos leave a damn safety pin on that poor kid's jacket, then see the damn pin (which they must have during review of the shots) and leave it there anyway and go to print with the posters for the display? Are you kidding me?!!! Baby Phat and its parent company, Kellwood Company, can't possibly have any respect for urban buyers to allow this crap to be published like this. I'd be willing to bet almost everything I own that Kimora Lee Simmons would have never stood for this.

One of my cousins, who lives in New York and who knows how much I loathe these idiots and how they handled the separation with Kimora from Phat Fashions, sent me the pictures above today. She sent them pretty early in the day, but I didn't have a chance to look at them until much later in the afternoon. I was nearly speechless.

The pictures, with the bootleg Ming and Aoki who they've used in previous ads, are on display in one of the most well-known Macy's stores in the world--Macy's Herald Square. No idea what that means? This, from the Macy's website about this particular location:
From it's very inception, Macy’s Herald Square was a store unlike any other and over the past 150 years it has become a true New York City icon. Built in 1902, Herald Square was the first building to have the modern day escalator. Since then, Macy’s Herald Square has continued to be a trendsetter and today, "America's Largest Department Store" covers an entire city block with ten and a half levels of the latest fashions for you and your home. For your convenience, Macy's offers a full service Visitor Center located on the 34th Street Balcony Level, restaurants throughout the store and exciting events almost every day.
This store gets a LOT of traffic every day. Considering that an untold number of people still don't know that Kimora is no longer heading up Phat Fashions, it can only be assumed that anyone who sees that bullshit thinks she's the one who allowed it--a damn big safety pin tacked on that kid's back and haphazardly left there during the course of the photo shoot. Ridiculous.

The real problem though is there is no way in hell the marketing director for this shoot didn't see that pin on that jacket during review of the pictures. That he said, "Fugg it. Who cares?" (because after all, it's mostly a bunch of urban customers) and let it go to print, speaks volumes about their attitude towards those same urban customers. That we (Well, they. I wouldn't buy a headband from the bastards anymore.) don't deserve a truly high-quality attempt at earning our continued purchase of those products, even though millions are spent on them every year disgusts me. You think there's a Polo ad out there with a big ass safety pin visible on one of the models when it shouldn't be? Hell no!

Please don't spend your money on this crap. The quality of that clothing left when the heart and soul of the brand left nearly one year ago. It's over. Kellwood Company has absolutely no respect for the predominantly urban and minority buyers of those brands or they wouldn't keep kicking out those shoddy goods and trying to slip a fake Ming and Aoki past buyers. We've all grown up with Kimora and we've been watching her girls grow up. This is much more than just a line of apparel. That's what you goons failed to realize. But, as long-time buyers of the brand continue to abandon ship, soon enough you'll have to publicly acknowledge that fact. I'll be right here waiting with a frosty glass of libation and a sense of satisfaction that no amount of money could buy. Are you ready? --Sugar