Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Force of Beauty

You have to do yourself a favor and read Devorah Rose's Social Life Magazine feature article on Kimora Lee Simmons. It's one of the best articles I've read, of the many that have been published over the past several months, about Kimora. Take this for instance (from the article):
Do you recall the tale of how Athena sprung from the cranium of Zeus? Well, if a tsunami were birthed from a volcano in a similar manner, then imprisoned in the body of a Disney princess, the result would be the tumultuous and beautiful predicament that is Kimora Lee Simmons.
A fan-TASTIC introduction! Rose talks about Kimora's savvy as a businesswoman, including the fact that she helped the Phat Fashions empire gross over $850,000,000 in retail sales before moving on, and Kimora's present and future projects. I had to type all of the zeroes in order to drive the point home about the sales numbers. Over 850 MILLION dollars! Is there any wonder why she doesn't ever sleep?!

Head over to Kimora's website, http://www.kls.com/ and read the full article and take a look at the photographs taken during the shoot for the spread. What I think isn't emphasized nearly enough in these articles is how young Kimora is considering she's doing all of this ass kicking! She has barely scratched the surface of the plethora of ideas and possibilities brewing inside that head of hers. It is a revolution that I'm so pleased to be witnessing. And, I absolutely meant revolution. Evolution isn't a word quite strong enough to describe what this woman is about to do to the fashion world. You'd be wise to keep a close eye on her too. Who knows when we'll see something this fantastic again. Super nova. --Sugar