Sunday, January 9, 2011

She's BACK!

There are only a few shows that I watch regularly on television, and then only a few things I'll watch religiously in-season. Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane is one such show and Sunday, January 9th, the stars will align yet again and bring all that television goodness back into my living room when it returns! I can't wait and it'll be interesting to see how Kimora's ridiculous dismissal from Baby Phat/Phat Fashions is addressed.

AND, "sweet baby Kenzo" will make his debut on the Fab Lane! Well, he showed up at the end of the last season, fresh out the womb, but this season it looks like he's making his own push for some camera time. He is so absolutely adorable.

I'm very happy for Kimora, because I'm sure the past several months have been at least a bit jarring. I think the show is a great platform to keep fans updated on what she's working on and I think it allows for a small look at just how hard she and her team work to make it all happen.

I work for a black woman right now who is constantly catching hell even though what she's doing is changing lives and getting results. So, dealing with that and staying attuned to what's happening with Kimora only makes me that much more vigilant and determined to make sure that every single consumer who would even consider buying Baby Phat knows about this situation. It's disgusting and at the heart of it is sexism and racism.

In fact, as a black woman, especially from the South, I've always been aware of my black womanness, but never moreso than at this very moment in time. The parallels between how the woman that I work for is treated and how Kimora is treated would seem uncanny to some. But really, they aren't. Anytime a black woman dares to be attractive and fashionable and have something to say--and the drive and determination to make something happen...somebody's got a problem with her. It never fails. Never does.

So, before I go on for much too long, consider what's actually happened here with the way Kimora was dismissed from Phat Fashions by Kellwood before you buy another single damn clothing item from them. Stand on principle! There are dozens of other brands out there you can choose from, including Kimora's own still growing line! Don't allow your desire for a pair of jeans or a top cause you to spend your hard-earned cash on items from a company that considers you a mindless sheep.

That Kellwood didn't even think the customer base deserved to be formally told, by them, that Kimora wasn't going to be leading the company anymore, after all she did for that brand, is the ultimate slap to the face--ours and hers and they can kiss my ass. No respect, no dollars. Tune in to the show Sunday night at 9pm on Style Network and show Kimora some love on Twitter during and after! --Sugar