Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kimora: House of Fab: #NYFW Virgins


I can't believe it's over!  Last night's episode of Kimora: House of Fab marked the end of the grand diva, Kimora Lee Simmons's, return to television in a new series.  It's been an interesting season and what better way to end than with a Just Fabulous New York Fashion Week debut!?  Kimora designed the shoes for the Charlotte Ronson show and she rounded up the team and headed east to give them a real taste of the fashion world.  Meanwhile, Adam and Don were back in L.A. looking for a home for JustFab's new flagship store!  The announcement of which coincided with JustFab's 3 year anniversary.  All they do is win!

I've had mixed emotions all season.  I think the show is a great concept.  Fantastic.  But, it's obvious that the team was still (at least at taping) getting used to whole reality tv..."thing".  I get that and I'm willing to give a few concessions for some of the awkwardness because of this.  However, Kimora is not new to that world.  This is why, during the next season, I expect to see a little more respect afforded her by the rest of the team.  I hope that having seen themselves on the air now, looking uncertain and unsure...awkward, as she moves like a ripple of water on a pond pushed by a gentle breeze, they will realize that they, in fact, don't know what the hell they're doing and that's why she's President and Creative Director.