Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kimora: House of Fab: #NYFW Virgins


I can't believe it's over!  Last night's episode of Kimora: House of Fab marked the end of the grand diva, Kimora Lee Simmons's, return to television in a new series.  It's been an interesting season and what better way to end than with a Just Fabulous New York Fashion Week debut!?  Kimora designed the shoes for the Charlotte Ronson show and she rounded up the team and headed east to give them a real taste of the fashion world.  Meanwhile, Adam and Don were back in L.A. looking for a home for JustFab's new flagship store!  The announcement of which coincided with JustFab's 3 year anniversary.  All they do is win!

I've had mixed emotions all season.  I think the show is a great concept.  Fantastic.  But, it's obvious that the team was still (at least at taping) getting used to whole reality tv..."thing".  I get that and I'm willing to give a few concessions for some of the awkwardness because of this.  However, Kimora is not new to that world.  This is why, during the next season, I expect to see a little more respect afforded her by the rest of the team.  I hope that having seen themselves on the air now, looking uncertain and unsure...awkward, as she moves like a ripple of water on a pond pushed by a gentle breeze, they will realize that they, in fact, don't know what the hell they're doing and that's why she's President and Creative Director.

I was sort of on the fence about the kids needing to be on the show, but I have to say, I think the way to really breathe new life into it is by reworking the format just a bit to include the kids and yes, more Kimora.  Let's be honest with ourselves, okay?  The show is called Kimora: House of Fab for a reason and while I appreciate all of the hard work by the team, you have to have a certain charisma and personality to make reality tv work if you aren't going to engage in the cat fights and bullshit.  Nobody wants that on House of Fab, so the only alternative is to slightly rethink the formula.

Kimora is very thoughtful about everything she does.  Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane was so infectious and successful because everything just fit.  All of it.  I watched the very first episode of that series some months ago during a marathon on the Style Network and it was SO good.  Immediately.  The entire cast of characters, even those with brief appearances, made the show colorful and exciting.  The kids were included, but they weren't the center of the show and I think the same could happen for House of Fab.

We need to see more of what's driving Kimora to make the decisions that she's making...decisions that are helping JustFab to grow.  We need to see her in action.  That's it.  The Fab Lane formula worked like a charm and it can work again for House of Fab.  I understand that it would take more work to switch things around, but I believe that's what will truly make this work.  The show can even still be focused primarily on the happenings at the JustFab headquarters, but if they want to breathe real life into this thing, follow Kimora's lead on this.  I'm not sure if it was her idea to take things primarily into the office, foregoing her personal stuff, but I suspect that it was not.  Please, just let her loose!  If you guys want to really move things along, let.her.loose on these asses!  Just do it!

Kimora has a huge personality.  It seems as though Adam and Don, though moreso Don, are a little afraid of being lost in the midst of Kimora's presence.  But, I don't think they need to be concerned about that.  You guys need to stay focused on the bottom line.  Dollars and cents.  Let Kimora do what she does and you guys handle the red tape.  Just do it.  You'll be better off for it and face it, you will never be able to match Kimora's presence, so just give that up.  She's not going to screw you over, so long as you guys don't screw her over.  Please, so we can get this show on the right track.         

Thanks a million to Kimora and the JustFab team for allowing us a glimpse into your world and thank you for being patient with our two cents from one week to the next.  I see BIG things ahead for JustFab.  HUGE.  Kimora Lee Simmons won't allow anything less.  That, you can take to the bank. --Sugar

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