Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kimora: House of Fab: Gimme Some Skin

I just finished watching this week's Kimora: House of Fab and I'm feeling very introspective.  My mind is all over the place.  Allow me to share.  In this episode, the JustFab team was busy preparing for the launch of rocker Avril Lavingne's Abbey Dawn line of shoes with the company and planning and shooting the first commercial featuring Kimora as President and Creative Director of Just Fabulous.  Just when I thought the team was growing on me, they got on my nerves again.  I recognize that much of any reality series is scripted and some way...but, I also have a sense of when the real ish starts going down.  Of course, I have no way of knowing for sure, but let's call it a good use of deductive reasoning. 

Let me start by saying I think Just Fabulous and Kimora Lee Simmons fit together like hand and glove.  It just makes sense.  It's quite obvious that she's had a tremendous impact, already, on taking things to the next level for the brand, with fresh ideas and an insistence that the company continues to evolve and expand.  That's what she does.  That's who she is.  She's done it before.  This isn't her first time at the rodeo.  So, this is why I get a little bothered by watching anybody at Just Fabulous give her some push back when she offers her perspective on which direction she thinks things should go.  I don't mean to say that nothing she says should ever be questioned.  I absolutely don't mean that and I don't think that's what she expects from them.

But, telling a 37 year old mother of three, who has kicked down more doors than most of them will ever even have the privilege of walking up to, in an industry rife with sexism and racism, that the women who follow her won't appreciate seeing her "behind a desk" is absolutely ridiculous!  REE-DICK-YOU-LUS!  In fact, I think most of the women who follow and support her would have preferred to see her in a more professional light.  We've seen Kimora evolve over the years.  We've seen her scantily clad (after all, we were wearing similar ensembles at the time Ha!), we've seen her regal and elegant and we've seen her moving through these fashion streets as the business mogul that she is.

If she never shows another scintilla of skin it won't matter, because we've already seen plenty.  We don't have to be reminded or convinced about her sexiness to sell products. It precedes her.  Use those young climbers to showcase tits and ass if that's what you think is necessary, but Kimora Lee Simmons should not ever be told that she has to show some skin to sell some products at this stage of the game.  Period.

She's glamorous and sexy and knowing her story...that she pulled herself up through a world that isn't always so kind to women of color with an idea and a one of the greatest reasons why so many of us love and respect her.  Do not insult our sensibilities and by no means should you insult hers.  Please do not and let's keep the show moving in the same great direction that it's been heading in. 

Rant over.

Next week's episode is the season finale and I'm disgusted!  But, I'm sure it takes a lot of work to put those shows together, so I will stifle my selfish desire.  I'll do my own breakdown of what I thought of the entire season once it's a wrap.  Looking forward to a second season.  Hopefully, by then, we'll be able to see that the JustFab family has finally come to the realization that they're dealing with a fashion force of nature.  Not some clueless airhead. Werkin girl. --Sugar

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