Thursday, February 28, 2013

House of Fab: No Polyester on the Runway!

On last night's Kimora: House of Fab, the crew was hard at work creating a new dress line for JustFab and getting some goodies together for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  I love the duality in the show. The team is usually engaged in at least two projects during each episode and it's a great look at just how much work it takes to make it all happen.  At one point, when they were discussing the new dress line, Lesley said she suspected that they'd have a lot of 24 hour work days ahead.  I'm sure most people thought she was joking.  I bet she wasn't.

The show is hilarious!  Kimora's one-liners will be etched into the hearts and minds of beloved queens the world over and I love watching the way she drives the team into submission.  A constant refrain amongst any staff of Kimora Lee Simmons (at least on television) is, "We don't have enough time to do this!"  Yet, somehow, they always get it done.  Ha!  I suspect in real life, it's even more intense and that makes me guffaw deep down inside.

Last night, as Kimora was reviewing some of the samples for the new dress line, she gave the material for one of the frocks a quick fingering and exclaimed, "This is like polyester, honey.  We don't wanna push polyester down the runway."  They looked so deflated.  I laughed my ass off.  I'm beginning to think they needed an orientation for what to expect with Kimora at the helm and how to conduct themselves accordingly.  I'm also beginning to think they could still use that orientation, because why the hell would they give her a frock made of polyester to begin with?  Kimora is a fashion killa, not a fashion misfit!  I hope you guys have figured this out by now!

Check out Kimora: House of Fab every Wednesday on the Style Network at 9pm. Not enough shows of this quality on the air. Don't miss it. --Sugar  

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