Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kimora Talks Fashion of the Future

I was just about to start watching season two of Entourage (shuddup!) when I decided I'd better do a quick search to make sure I hadn't missed anything that needed to go up here today.  The failure to post the information about Michael Kramer's departure from Kellwood Company until over two weeks after he'd crawled away is haunting me.  The jerks don't deserve a second of a break. I wanna ride those arses like a Thorouhbred!

Anyway, I checked the Facebook page for this site, then clicked the link to Kimora's Facebook page to make sure she hadn't posted something there that I need to post here when I saw a comment that piqued my interest.  A guy named Patrick McHale wrote: "Just Fabulous Inc. and you featured on front page of LA Times Business section...all this, while at the beach!" I knew it was going to be good, so I headed on over to the L.A. Times website and found this article, Online Shoe Clubs are in Step With Fashion Forward Women. I'm guessing the picture that McHale mentioned was in the print edition, because the picture above is from a previous shoot. But, that's a small matter.  Let's get to it.