Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby Phat's Kimora-Free Ad Campaigns: TERRIBLE

I only just finished laughing myself silly, so I think I can finally get through this quick post about Baby Phat's latest attempt at an ad campaign without Kimora Lee Simmons. I originally thought this was the first one sans Kimora, but wrong. These pricks have been at this in the previous season. Those were just as dreadful as the "layouts" you see here. I just don't know what tone they are trying to set. How the hell do you go from this to what you see in this post? A dismal attempt.

And, let me say that I don't mean any disrespect to the young ladies in the ads. None whatsoever. Because, Kimora Lee Simmons is a hard act to follow. I give them credit for even having the guts to take the job (or, maybe they told them it was an ad campaign for the $7 store. Hell, looks like it.), but my God what a plummet in quality. Just terrible. Awful and lacking in any creativity. They look so cheap and uninspiring.

Anyway, lest I taint you with my bias.....What? Have a look below and let me know what you think. Remember, do not buy any Baby Phat clothing items! And, spread the word! No respect? No dollars! And, no good ads either, I see. --Sugar


  1. Stop saying those things like Kimora wants you to boycott the brand she created herself. I don't think Kimora would want Baby Phat to go bankrupt just because she's not the CEO anymore. Yes, without Kimora, Baby Phat will never be the same again. But does she wish for its destruction? I don't think so.

  2. I can't speak for Kimora, but you can't possibly have an idea of WHY Kimora isn't there any longer if this is how you feel. Though, I can't understand HOW you could not know that, because the information is right here on this blog. Kellwood company blindsided her and essentially forced her out with no warning. Didn't make any public announcement about it and continues to pretend as though she is still there.

    So, whether Kimora wants the brand destroyed or not matters not to me, because I don't appreciate the way they treated her, her team or the fans with the way they handled this. You can continue to buy those products if you want, but know that you are supporting a racist, sexist company.

  3. You are 100% right. Judging from their amateur tasteless ads, kellwood must be TRYING to make baby phat go under. The clothes aren't as good, the ads suck. Kimora made that company and kept it alive. Without Kimora what is baby phat? I'm definitely boycotting it. Not just because of how they treated Kimora which is definitely one of my reasons, but because of the sorry imitations of her, her children, & what she did with the company in the past. What they're putting out is insulting to consumers of the product, especially those who knew what the company was and what it offered when Kimora was there.
    Its tasteless, so they might as well shut it down, or beg, crawl & grovel for Kimora to come back.

  4. Veracity!!!! They can go to HELL! What they've done is TERRIBLE! We HAVE to make sure that people know about this. All these months later, a lot of people STILL don't even know she's not there anymore! Thanks for getting it and let's work to spread the news.