Monday, February 7, 2011

Craigslist Lets Scammers Use Kimora Lee Simmons's Name

Periodically, I go into just shy of foaming at the mouth rants (on and off Twitter) about the rampant human trafficking reportedly originating via Today, it appears, Kimora Lee Simmons's name is being used in, whether connected to human trafficking for sure or not, a scam to get aspiring models to a "casting call". See the ad below (click to enlarge):

How disgusting. Kimora only found out about it because one of her followers on Twitter asked her about the casting call that she was having. Kimora told her that she was not and checked it out after the young lady forwarded her the link. She responded with this:

Pls RT! This is a SCAM!! Not from me at all! I am NOT connected! A Shame for aspirational young fabs!--> #fauxfabulous #deranged #Lies #sad #fb
What I really don't understand is, why the hell is the ad still up?! Craig Newmark, the scumbag who founded Craigslist and who has on more than one occasion offered no good explanation for why he allows ads with underage girls to be posted on his site for "adult services", calls himself a "customer service rep and founder for Craigslist" on his own Twitter page. Well, get to serving Craig! Take the ad down!

Spread the word about this so no unsuspecting young men and women get themselves into a situation that they can't so easily get out of. Contact Craig Newmark via Twitter, or as one of Kimora's other followers suggested, go to the post and flag it as spam or prohibited. Always do your due dilligence and do some research before you go to these things. It's a crazy world out there. --Sugar


  1. I will be sure to share this on Facebook and Twitter, to help protect people from getting into potentially dangerous situations. Thanks for heads up!

  2. No problem! Thank you for letting people know about this. The bastards finally took the thing down, but it was after the final "casting call" had been held!

  3. Thanks for giving me the heads up. I knew something was wrong when I notice the quality of the clothing began looking so cheap, also I had notice that the clothing did not have that spice it had. Baby Phat once had it's own uniqueness. It had it's own spice that you could not resist,you just had to buy it. Now it looks like regular clothing that you purchase at Walmart. Why did they ruin such a perfect brand that we women and girls loved???,

  4. No problem! Be sure to tell others. And, greedy guys who know nothing about fashion are the reason why it's ruined. Don't buy it anymore!