Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kimora's Shinto Clinical: It's Coming

For months, we've all been anxiously awaiting the launch of Kimora Lee Simmons's new skincare line, Shinto Clinical.  Today, we got a little tease when this was posted from the company's twitter account (which you should definitely go follow):

Oooh la laaaaa!  So mysterious!  The picture below was posted some time ago on the web claiming to be the approved product packaging.  Not sure if that's the case and there isn't any other indication of what it may look like other than the logo present, there, but if that is the packaging, it's pretty slick.  Whatever the case, I wouldn't expect anything less than something eye-catching and fresh from Kimora, so it'll be exciting to see what it actually looks like.

Something else of note is, of the 5 Twitter accounts that the Shinto Twitter account is following, one is Nordstrom and the other is QVC, the mega television network for at home shopping.  Oooh la laaaaaaa!!!  If Kimora is taking to the QVC airwaves to sell Shinto Clinical, this would be huge!  I can scarcely fathom what it would mean for sales.  Nordstrom would mean big sales. Absolutely. But, have you ever watched the sales action on one of those at home shopping channels? Huge!!!

Head to and be sure to sign up for emailed updates and follow them on TwitterKimora Lee Simmons is about to do it again. --Sugar

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