Friday, January 13, 2012

Kimora's Shinto Clinical: Official Launch Date

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The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms.  Very often it does not know what to do with genius. --Oliver Wendell Holmes

I am extremely careful about "heaping praise" upon any single individual, because we humans are so prone to screwing up.  But, when it is due and when it is unmistakable, the universe leaves me with no other choice.  Kimora Lee Simmons is a genius.  Let me repeat that.  Kimora Lee Simmons is a genius.

Let me explain something to you.  What we are all witnessing a 36 year old woman do, and having done since her early 20s, is nothing short of genius.  Nothing.  She is fashion.  But, Kimora Lee Simmons is also business.  It is almost too much for my senses to bear.  It's one thing to watch a documentary or read a biography or some such about a genius who once was.  It's quite another to be alive and present to witness all of this in action.  Sure, there are other celebrities and personalities with clothing lines and skincare lines and reality shows and books and such, but there is nobody doing it with as much passion and care and thought as Kimora Lee Simmons.  Nobody. And, I dare anyone to name one other.

I mean, let's be honest here.  Are most of them as well-versed or as deeply involved in their products as Kimora Lee Simmons?  No and there's no need trying to swab your mind to find one because they don't exist. Who hasn't heard the stories about her being a workaholic and a damn near slave-driver?  When I find myself in a conversation with someone about this,  immediately I am on the defense because...she is me!  I remember the very first time I saw an episode of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, I thought, "Oh my gosh! She's me and bff all rolled up into one!"

I haven't obtained even a modicum of the success that Kimora has, but I understand her drive and determination.  I understand her insistence that things be done succinctly and exactly.  I understand those Tweets that she sends at 3am saying that she's up working.  This is what separates her from the rest.  This is what makes other women like us stand up for her whenever necessary because let's face it, we women don't exactly have the welcome mat to success rolled out for us by the men holding the power in this world.  We have to fight for it and prove that we are worthy and capable.  It's tiresome, but like a blood-bourne illness, it's not easy to shake, so we all have to help one another in these fights whenever and however we can.     

Anyway, lest I ramble on too long before getting to the good stuff, an update today from the Shinto Clinical Twitter account and a great article on Women's Wear Daily about the February launch, which you can read at Kimora's website,!

What did I say here the other day about QVC?  Oh yeah, baby.  Huge!  GO, read those articles, follow Kimora and Shinto Clinical on Twitter and prepare yourselves to watch that living genius conquer yet another industry. It's going to be exciting.  --Sugar

From Sekhmet Rising: The Restlessness of Women's Genius
by Louise Lebrun

Through time, women with power - and powerful women - have often been depicted as demonstrating themselves to be unable to wield that power; devoid of the mastery required to choose with intelligence and the wisdom to exercise that power with mindfulness and force. Many are the stories that depict powerful women as evil, dangerous and harmful to creation. So completely have we mindlessly succumbed to this notion that around the world, women have held the keys to the dungeons of our own demise. Women themselves have learned to teach other women that their Fire – the powerful force that moves through their own bodies, screams NO and is unwilling to comply and capitulate – is dangerous to all, including themselves and should, at all costs, be kept hidden and unexpressed or silenced completely. Worse yet, we have taught each other to hide ourselves in shame when we feel that Fire move, learning instead to lie and betray ourselves and each other rather than claim the unknown territory of its expression. For some of us, we have come to question our right to feel at all.  [Entire article here]

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