Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kimora's Mommy Mogul Tips for Beyonce

Kimora, Djimon and son Kenzo Lee on vacation in St. Bart's. [Celebuzz]

As the world eagerly awaits a first glimpse of Jay Z and Beyonce's new little bundle of joy, Blue Ivy, the gifts, congratulations and of course, advice, continue to pour in.  Who better to give Beyonce advice about how to transition into being a mommy mogul than the queen of mommy mogulness, Kimora Lee Simmons

During a chat with MTV News, Kimora offered this:
"I always tell people I'm not the glamorous Hollywood mom," said Simmons, who continues to expand her own fashion brand to include the Shinto Clinical skin-care line. "I'm not the kind of celebrity that lives in the spotlight. I'm famous from work that I do. I've always been in the business and raised my family in the business so it's like a second nature for me. I think that's the key is striking a balance. For me it's always about prioritizing."

What's Simmons' advice for new celeb moms looking to follow her lead? "I think it's about choosing what you want and going after that. Do the best you can, but you don't have to be Superwoman."
Good stuff.  Check out the rest of the article here and be sure to follow Kimora on her Twitter and follow Shinto Clinical, her soon to be launched skin care line (February 24th on QVC), on Twitter and on FacebookEspecially on Facebook because there's a great pre-launch campaign underway and you can win the entire collection if you are smooooooth enough.  Check it out. --Sugar

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