Sunday, December 18, 2011

Walmart Doesn't Even Want Baby Phat

I swear, you can't make this stuff up. I was reading an article about Baby Phat's licensor, (NOT Kimora Lee Simmons) BP Clothing, having to file for bankruptcy protection when I happened upon these sentences:
According to court papers, the company has been battling a cash-flow problem that hampered its ability to finance its Baby Phat production. Subsequently, BP Clothing early this year lost its license to sell Baby Phat clothing to Wal-Mart.
When not even Walmart wants you, just give up.  Just give UP!!! The only place left to go is the Slauson Swap Meet and absolutely, you can do that, but I don't think that Erin accepted a job with you morons to promote sales at a swap meet.  The article goes on:
According to court papers, “The debtor seeks to efficiently reduce the substantial debt burden that hinders its ability to effectively compete in a competitive market that has been challenged by overall economic conditions. A successful restructuring will allow the debtor to concentrate its resources on generating revenue and expanding market share.”
Without a doubt, the economy is taking a beating and I'm sure sales in many sectors are down, but the economy is not the reason why Baby Phat is suffering.  Hell, you can buy about 10 Baby Phat shirts for a $1 in Walmart! Okay, that's not true, but it sounds funny.  But, seriously, Baby Phat is not as expensive in Walmart as it once was in say Macy's Herald Square 5 years ago.  It's very affordable and when you can't sell a brand with such iconic appeal in WALmart, Houston, we have a problem!

The reason why sales are down is because karma is ripping you jagoffs a new one.  You so poorly handled your separation with Kimora, I'm guessing under the assumption that she really wasn't as integral a part of that brand as I'm sure you now know she is.  You can't just handle things in such a disrespectful manner and expect for the universe to repay you with wheelbarrows full of filthy stinkin lucre.  It ain't happnin.

I told you fools months ago to fix this and I know you've been reading because I can see you in the stats. From the very moment you so foolishly dismissed Kimora and members of her team without so much as a press release, you had a short window to make it right. Apologize to supporters, give Kimora and her team a proper sendoff and reintroduce yourselves to the urban community and indeed the world.  But, no. You decided to take the less sensible path and now here we are.

I know how these things go.  The suits had probably been giving Kimora and her team hell for months and months on end, pushing them to play ball your way.  But, why?  When she and Russell sold that company to you, that should not have given you the foolish idea that you could do it better, but rather that financially you were willing to take things to a different level. You should have kept your grubby hands off the creative side of things, because as you must now realize, that is not your expertise.  Fools.  Kimora had built that brand into a behemoth, with supporters spanning the globe!  Many of them still don't even know she isn't there any longer!  Oh, but they are finding out--one at a time--and they are not happy about it. This is why you are in freefall right now.  Fools.

It is only a matter of time before Baby Phat, will be no more.  I'm sure that Kimora will consider it a very bittersweet moment.  She didn't put all of her heart and soul into the brand only to have it crumble in such a manner.  And, I'm sure that while she will feel a bit of satisfaction and "I told you so" deep down inside when it happens, she will mourn for the good times that she and her team had while building that brand and honing her business acumen.  I think that we all will.......But, until then? We don't need no water, let the muthaf*cka burn! --Sugar

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