Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why You HAVE to Boycott Baby Phat

The holidays are here and no doubt, you've either seen some Baby Phat gear that you like, your kids have seen some Baby Phat gear that they like, or just out of habit, you are planning to pick some up as gifts or to give your own wardrobe a little pick me up.  Don't do it.

First, Kimora Lee Simmons isn't there anymore.  I bet you didn't even know that.  She left August, 2010 and it wasn't something that she wanted.  The company that owns Baby Phat, Kellwood Company, pulled one of the nastiest tricks I ever recall in the world of fashion.  Read this to get some background.

To deny that most people have purchased Baby Phat over the years in direct response to just how hot Kimora Lee Simmons made it look, seem or feel--the energy she put into making us all feel like superstars when wearing it--even little girls, is just wrong.  You know that's why we all grew so fond of it in the first place.  She helped make us feel like we could take on the world, so long as we were wearing some hot jeans and a cute top...with stilettos.

So, to have Kellwood Company essentially just boot her out the door, not make any announcement to us and continue to push the brand as though she is there, using little girls that look like her own in the ads to try to trick us, is unacceptable.  It stinks of racism. We deserve more than that, she deserves more than that and her team, the supportive force behind her all these years, deserves more than that. We deserve respect.  You think that if the Creative Director behind one of these brands purchased predominately by our white friends was replaced, the owners wouldn't make an announcement to those buyers? Hell yes they would! So, why didn't we deserve the same? 

Don't buy it anymore.  Follow her on Twitter @OfficialKimora and check her website, KLS.com often for updates on what she's up to.  She was recently named President and Creative Director Just Fabulous, an awesome power move, so check them out and support her there.  I know that Baby Phat has held a special place in your heart all these years, but dear reader, it's time that we moved on to bigger and better things.  That we move on into a new present and even better future with Kimora--afterall, she helped make us feel so great in the past.  --Sugar

ALSO: We're trying to convince Madame Tussauds NYC to add a Kimora Lee Simmons figure there! So, head on over there and add your name to that petition!

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