Saturday, August 20, 2011

Who's In Charge?!

This weekend marks a year since Kimora Lee Simmons's departure from Baby Phat and I got some questions for you imps. WHO is in charge over there now?! I did a quick Google search for "Baby Phat Creative Director" just now and the only thing that shows up in the searches is articles about either Kimora's departure or old articles about the fact that she once was Creative Director. Have you not even bothered to name a new Creative Director? Are interns over there cobbling these sorry spreads together? Did the Kellwood Company receptionist put this weak, sloppy display in Macy's Herald Square together, complete with a safety pin big as all out doors in one of the pictures?!

Let me tell you something dear reader. These fools forced Kimora out of there and didn't have a single, solitary plan for how to keep the brand truly viable because they didn't and still don't respect buyers of the brand. They can't possibly, or they would have, at the very least, reintroduced the brand to the world and told us who the new Creative Director is and attempted to win customers over with that individual. But, how could they possibly do that when Baby Phat is synonymous with Kimora Lee Simmons? Today, one year later, there are still people who don't know that she is no longer there. People who contact her via Twitter to either complain about the brand or to express how much they love what she means to the brand.

I'm disgusted by all of this and if you're reading and you aren't on the Kellwood payroll, you should be too. What Kellwood did to this woman, and the disrespect that they've shown to Baby Phat customers is deplorable. Kimora is rebuilding and evolving and it's great! I couldn't be happier for her. I really cannot, but I won't be happy until Baby Phat is done. Let's talk about how you can help with that a little later this weekend. --Sugar

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