Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kimora Prepares to Take Malaysia By Storm!

Chinese women hold copies of Kimora Lee Simmons's book Fabulosity.

Asia is on fire with excitement as Kimora Lee Simmons does one of the things she does best--takes her fab self directly to the people.  She's been in Hong Kong for the past few days, where she learned that her hit reality series, on the Style Network and E! here in the States, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane, is the number ONE show in Hong Kong!  I don't know what season they're on there, but that is some major news! 

Friday, she's going to give Malaysia a little taste of fabulosity and I'm sure they are going to throw waves of energy at her!  I'm sure she has a fairly structured schedule, while she's there, but she sent this tweet yesterday (click the image to enlarge):

Do NOT miss this Malaysians!!! Search that #KimoraTwtUp hashtag often on Twitter and go show her some love! And, tweet about it!  And, please tell your friends, Kimora is not at Baby Phat anymore and you should not be buying the brand.  The guys who own it are scumbags and we don't support scumbags!  Visit her website, for other ways to support her.  She was recently named President and Creative Director of Just Fabulous and while international shipping isn't available yet, I'm sure it will be soon enough.  Everything Kimora does is BIG. Worldwide shipping is almost as imminent as we can be sure Friday comes after Thursday. Just watch....and wait. --Sugar

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