Thursday, January 31, 2013

House of Fab: Our Shoes Are the Sh*t!

From: Style Network

On last night’s episode of Kimora: House of Fab, Kimora and the crew showed just how much work goes into making it all happen.  Kimora was preparing for an OK! Magazine shoot and the staff was tasked with making a video with the expectation that they’d be able to make it go viral on the internet.  They were split up into teams then sent on their way to see what they could make happen.  Hilarity ensued.

Johnny is, by far, the stand-out character on the show -- besides Kimora, of course.  He’s funny, bold and colorful, a recipe for reality television success.  I love the way the show gives viewers a look at how much thought goes into every single aspect of the business.  I think it’s important for the public to see that, because it doesn’t all just magically come together.  I think it’s also important to realize that we are most likely only seeing even a small portion of what it really takes!  This is business, and businesses are in business to make money.  So, they can’t just throw caution to the wind and let the chips fall where they may.  Everything from color schemes to material to lighting, angles…all of it…matters. 

The teams got it together and came up with some creative stuff!  Minus Ryan’s “our shoes are the sh*t” video.  What in the world was he thinking?  Hilarious.  The OK! Magazine shoot went well, except for a question from the writer that crossed the line, but Kimora handled her like a pro.  It’s infuriating when a writer does that, but it’s the game.  She was just doing her job and Kimora, used to those sneaky tactics by now I’m sure, was prepared.

I think the show is genius and I assure you, I don’t use that word too freely.  It just is!  The cutaway shots of the various shoes are marketing gold, without making it feel like an infomercial of sorts.  It feels very fluid and unforced and I love it.  I also appreciated seeing a few more faces of color on the show.  I’m all about that.  Diversity, all aspects, only benefits a business and it concerns me when an organization seems oblivious to that fact.  So, let’s hope Just Fabulous is mindful of this and that we’ll see even more diversity in the episodes to come.

I’ve seen some complaints that we don’t see enough of Kimora on the show.  I get it. But, I also get that there has to be a balance between showcasing all of Kimora’s business acumen with actually showing the business.  It’s very different from Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane and I think it will take at least a few more episodes for the diehards to get used to the groove of this new format, but I think they will.  Say it with me, the Baby Phat days are over and Kimora is on to something new.  Breathe, smile, repeat.  Something new requires something new and Kimora: House of Fab is just what the doctor ordered.  You don’t put new wine into an old bottle, so this show had to be fresh and unique, and it is!  So, embrace it and don’t miss the numerous lessons present for focusing on what you wish the show was.  There’s far too much to appreciate for that and it’s a new day.  --Sugar

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