Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kellwood Can Have Baby Phat, But Not Our Dollars

Here's what Kellwood Corporation needs to know. Your failure to offer a statement regarding the dismissal of Kimora Lee Simmons from Phat Fashions is an utter disrespect to fans of the brand. The great majority of buyers do so in support of her. At the very least, you could have offered a written statement. One can only wonder whether you might have handled this differently if the customer base weren't predominately urban and African-American....

Many are still buying Baby Phat under the assumption that Kimora Lee Simmons is still with the company. We will see to it that that ends. The word continues to spread. The only goal now is total breakdown of the brand. Why should we, the customer base, continue to support a brand that is owned by a company that has no respect for the said base? We will not. --Sugar

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