Friday, October 15, 2010

One Month Old!

I just realized that today marks the one month birthday of this little water cooler in the blogosphere! Aren't you happy, Kellwood? :) I know you are. I'm still strategizing and trying to figure out new and more devious ways of sticking it to the man and we'll get there. And, it's absolutely "we" now Kellwood because the natives are stirring. We really have touched nearly every corner of this globe so far. I'm excited. The word is getting around and were it not for the power of the internet, you would be able to get away with what you did to Kimora Lee Simmons. But, you won't.

See that picture above? That's a lioness by the name of Tamara. She's one of the premiere attractions at the zoo in Amman, Jordan. Those are her little month old cubs in the picture with her. She got a tad agitated when the photographer went to snap that picture of she and her little ones. Funny thing about we females. Very protective of our families and our friends. That's what's going to ruin you, Kellwood. Women get pissed when they hear the whole story about Kimora's departure from Baby Phat/Phat Fashions. See how innocent and benign the cubs look? Like they wouldn't harm a flea. Meanwhile, Tamara looks like she's ready to rip somebody's head off. Yeah. We all know how this story goes. The cubs will grow up and they too will some day be ready and able to rip somebody's head off. Same with this little blog, Kellwood. No respect? No dollars.

Visit to find a number of ways to support Kimora. Buy nothing, especially Baby Phat clothing items, from Kellwood. Besides, I need to find out where they're getting those items made anyway. I sure hope I don't find out they are getting that shit made in some sweat shop in Asia. We'll see. --Sugar

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