Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Phat Owned By Filthy Weasels

I'm going to try to keep my language clean in this post, but everytime I post an update about how well things are going for Kimora Lee Simmons, here come these weasels snooping around this blog. Click the picture above to enlarge it and see how they were crawling all over this site today. It's ridiculous. What are you looking for?! Move along! Nothing for you to see here. I told you I'm going to keep telling people about what you did and letting them know how well the universe is repaying Kimora for having to have dealt with your dirty deeds makes it even better.

You fools could have properly addressed this not only from the beginning, but also maybe just shortly after things fell apart at the seams. But, no. You chose to weasel your way around, trying to make customers believe that Kimora is still heading up the brand so you can capitalize off of everything she is and everything she stands for. Well, you can forget it.

I'm going to call you scum out on everything you do and you're just going to have to deal with it. Kimora is one of the best that ever did it and you morons lost sight of that. Well, too damn bad and it's too damn late. No respect? No dollars. --Sugar

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