Sunday, June 5, 2011

Style Network Hearts Kimora Lee Simmons

And, the hits just keep on coming. Friday morning, I saw a commercial on Style Network with Kimora Lee Simmons offering style tips. In the spot, she said that she was Style's Fashion Editor and I'm not sure if I missed this or what, but it was great news. I was all smiles, because that means another nail in Baby Phat's coffin and even bigger things for her. Kimora is everywhere and Baby Phat is drifting further and further into obscurity. I love it.

Check her out below in one of the spots that's running on Style Network, then head over to the site to check out more of her great style tips. Remember, do not buy any Baby Phat clothing items. That's including Phat Farm. Do not be led to believe that Kimora's separation from Phat Fashions was some fond farewell. Those pigs that own Baby Phat and Phat Farm seemed to believe that they could run a brand, that Kimora built, better than she could so they made this grimey move and seem to think that the people of color who buy it are stupid.

The quality of the apparel has degraded almost overnight with people sending tweets to Kimora regularly to complain about zippers breaking, material ripping, just all types of chicanery. As though she's still there. So, don't even waste your money on the crap. Check out Kimora's website for updates on her product lines, what she's up to and if you just need a lil laugh or two. She's great. These bastards are not. --Sugar

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