Friday, February 17, 2012

Kimora's Pre Baby Phat Influence has named Kimora Lee Simmons one of the 25 most influential Black models of all time and I couldn't agree more.  Dana Oliver writes:
Before Chanel Iman appeared on the covers of American Vogue and Italian Elle, and before Jourdan Dunn became the first black model to walk Prada's runway in over a decade, women like Donyale Luna, Naomi Sims and Beverly Johnson strutted and posed confidently in the face of adversity.

In honor of Black History Month, we take a look back at 25 African-American models who have helped to reshape the standard of beauty.
This is what people seem to forget so often.  The adversity.  It's not just about glamour and letting the good times roll.  Kimora and other African-American models that came before, around the same time and after her, have not just pranced their way into those fashion settings and right on up a crystal stairway.  Anyone who believes such does so ill-advisedly.  Even Naomi Campbell, notorious for taking no prisoners, had this to say about the rife racism in the industry well over a decade ago:
"There is prejudice. It is a problem and I can't go along any more with brushing it under the carpet," said Streatham's most famous export as far back as 1997. "This business is about selling, and blonde and blue-eyed girls are what sells."
It's truly unfortunate, but it's reality.  This is why, what these rats did as they ended the relationship with Kimora is so disgusting.  They had no respect for her, a woman of color in the industry who built that brand and no respect for the predominant customers of color who buy Baby Phat.  Anyway, lest I digress...while there have been some improvements, there is still quite a way to go where bringing equality in the fashion industry is concerned.  Bravo to for taking a moment to recognize these beauties, especially as New York Fashion Week comes to a close.  Check out the complete list at this link and give Kimora a shout of congratulations on her Twitter page @OfficialKimora.  --Sugar 

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