Sunday, July 8, 2012

Penney's Michael Kramer Wants His Old Thing Back?

Michael Kramer, former CEO of Kellwood Company
I haven't blogged here much lately.  Gosh, it seems like I've been writing that more and more lately and that certainly wasn't my intention.  But, things have been a little crazy and I haven't been able to give this enough focus.  I decided to check the stats here and lo and behold, what do I spy with my little Baby Phat hating eye?  Looks like our old pal, Michael Kramer, forrmer Chief Executive Office at Kellwood Company, the goons who own Baby Phat and who so disrespectfully ended the relationship with Kimora Lee Simmons, can't get his old place of business off his mind.

Imagine my shock when I saw this in the stats?:

(Click to enlarge)

Maybe he knows his days are numbered at J.C. Penney, what with the way he and the new crew have f*cked things up over there., and he's hoping to be able to weasel his way back in to Kellwood somehow.  Seems he'd have enough on his plate at Penney's and not enough time to spend Googling a little blog dedicated to showing just how greedy and nasty they are at Kellwood Company.  But, maybe not and maybe that's why Penney's is sinking like the Titanic.  It could also be dumb statements like this from Penney's new COO, Michael Kramer when asked about the decision to do away with the coupons that working mothers and grandmothers have come to depend upon from J.C. Penney. (This statement after a dismal earnings report from Penney's):

"We did not realize how deep some of the customers were into this," noted COO Michael Kramer about couponing. "We've got to wean them off this and educate our consumers."
"Wean them off"?  Such a fool.  So out of touch.  So just...awful.  In this horrible economy, you do away with coupons at a store that is known for a coupon, at a time when whole reality shows are being built around...couponing?  Do yourself a favor and read this whole Huffington Post article from May about these morons -- Kramer and the new CEO at Penney's, Ron Johnson.  Two absolute idiots.  If Johnson is taking his direction from Kramer, we can all pretty much predict what's next...goodbye Penney's.  Hey, maybe Penney's and Baby Phat will officially close on the same day because Penney's is really plummeting quicker than I'm sure anybody could have ever predicted.  When you bring new people in, they are supposed to move things in a positive direction, not straight to bankruptcy court.

I've been trying not to even mention them here much lately, as I prefer to spend more of my time helping to share information about the great things that Kimora has going on now.  Kellwood is its own worse enemy and Baby Phat is on the way out of here.  No use beating a dead horse and while I loathe the way things went down with them and Kimora, it is still a big part of her history, so, you know, it's very bittersweet for her to see things draw to a close there I'm sure. 

So, what I'm getting at is, Michael Kramer, stop poking around here and pull your head out of your ass.  You've already done a bang up job of screwing up things for so many brands at Kellwood, don't let all of the air out of Penney's too for crying out loud. 

I've been using Kimora's Shinto Clinical for nearly three months now and I love it!  I'm still a fairly new bentonite clay user, but that combined with the Shinto is a match made in heaven.  I sincerely hope that you've given Shinto Clinical a try.  If you take care of your skin now, it will repay you in mighty dividends in your later years.  Getting older is unnerving enough without the ability to do so gracefully, so be sure to use products that will help you do it and do it with ease.  I'm only using the Shinto Clinical Wash Away the Years and Micro Manage, but I think I'm going to add a couple more products from the line to my regimen soon. 

Kimora Lee Simmons is an icon.  Don't make the mistake of thinking anything less.  She leaves me in awe on a regular basis and that's not easy to do because I recognize that we are all only human -- wealth, station in life, etc. aside.  But, her drive and business savvy, so cozy alongside what appears to be genuine humility, make her something remarkable.  I'm grateful for being able to perceive this now, because it is quite enjoyable to watch as she weaves a new story, a new chapter for herself even as so many others fall by the wayside -- stagnant. Can't stop. Won't stop. I love it.  --Sugar

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