Monday, January 21, 2013

Kimora Lee Simmons Flips it Again!

Guess who's back?!  On Wednesday, January 23rd, Kimora Lee Simmons will take over the reality tv airwaves as she fashions a new nook for herself in that oftentimes unseemly corner of entertainment television.  Kimora: House of Fab promises a look at the inner workings of online fashion powerhouse where Kimora is President and Creative Director.  Kimora says this about the new show:
“This is an office environment with more of an ensemble. It is more like The Office or Ugly Betty. It is a team of people at all times, with lots of coming and going. It is less of my kids and my personal side.”
I'm a little perturbed that Kenzo Lee appearances will be scarce. Afterall, we haven't even had a chance to hear his little voice!  But, while I truly admire Kimora for her skills as a mother in the face of her demanding workload, it is her business acumen that is a true marvel. 

The past couple of years have been something of a rollercoaster for Kimora, but she handles it all with such grace, I don't know how anybody, especially any woman, can watch without the deepest admiration.  We all have our share of hurdles, obstacles, ups and downs, all of it, to deal with at one point or another.  It's life.  When you have to deal with your drama with the whole world watching, that can't be an easy thing.  I think that, so often, many people lose sight of the fact that celebrities are only human.  Some of the current crop of reality shows do nothing to help this perception problem, but that's why shows like the previous Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane and now this, Kimora: House of Fab, are such a vital part of the mix.  They show a more sophisiticated, yet wildly entertaining, side of this still evolving television genre.

I've only seen a couple House of Fab previews and I've sort of stayed far from all of the talk leading up to it because I want to watch the premiere with fresh eyes.  I want to watch and wonder, "How the hell did this heffa flip it on em like this again?"  And, laugh my be-hind off at the thought of how many idiots are mad about it.  I'm very glad that I'm able to see Kimora for what she is -- a modern marvel.  I say this as a woman who is very proud of her own accomplishments.  But, in the words of Iyanla Van Zant, I'm just "calling a thing a thing".  This b*tch is bad!  And, there isn't a young black woman alive who shouldn't mention the name Kimora Lee Simmons at some point when asked about young black women who are making a difference in the business and fashion world.  Not one! 

Sure, there are other black women who model and who have made some sort of entree into the business side of the world of fashion.  But, not like Kimora Lee Simmons and certainly not at such a young age and certainly not for this length of time!  You don't have to like it, but it's a fact.  It pains me to even consider that one of the reasons she was teased so horribly growing up is the same reason some women today would dare to turn their noses up at her accomplishments or try to ignore them as though they are not valid, because she is half Asian.  It's so absolutely foolish I spare no quarter if someone even hints that they have a problem with it.  I have zero tolerance because we are lucky to be able to count her amongst us.

We have to be bigger than this as a people and as women in general.  I celebrate the accomplishments of all women, no matter about race, and I absolutely cannot wait to see House of Fab. There isn't anything else like it on television today and true to form, there will be much to take away from each episode.  Kimora is extremely thoughtful about every business move she makes and it will be quite a treat to see how she works this.  So, buckle up and get ready.  I have a feeling she's about to break the mold yet again.  Take notes.  Whoever said you can't live forever lied.  --Sugar

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